Girl Names: Unusual, Stylish Choices

Recently we looked at girls’ names that we were surprised were below the Top 1000, but that were given to at least 100 babies last year.

Today we survey the tier below that: fashionable yet unusual girls’ names used for fewer than 100 babies….but at least 50.  That may seem to be cutting things kind of narrowly, and the truth is we intended to look at the pool below 100 but more than 25.  However, there were just too many names in the 50-100 group alone to go further, so we’ll consider the 25-50 slice another time.

And don’t worry, the boys in this group are coming up in the next few days.

For the parent in search of a wonderful name that is extremely unusual, there are lots of amazing choices in this group.  The first list includes very fashionable names that we’re astonished aren’t more popular.  Of course, a name like Seraphina, chosen by Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck, is bound to be used far more widely next year.  And Florence is much more popular in the UK than in this US count.

The number reflects how many babies received the name in 2009, according to the SSA figures, reproduced in nameberry’s master list ofgirls’ names.

We felt the stylish-but-unusual nicknameish names, even if they’re used in their own right, deserved their own category.

We’re not exactly shocked that the names in this next group aren’t more popular, though we think they all have a measure of style and may appeal to the adventurous contemporary baby namer.

This group includes spelling variations of names that are more popular in another version.  While we usually point out that Eleanor and Elinor, in the end, feel and sound exactly the same, you may nevertheless want a more unusual spin.

While these choices may not exactly feel new and fresh, they still hold some appeal.

The last group are either unisex names or names usually used for boys, though workable for girls.  We like all these and they fit the bill of being both stylish and unusual.

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