Girl Names You Never Knew Were in the Top 50

Girl Names You Never Knew Were in the Top 50

Ever feel like you’ve been through the most popular girl names so many times you know them inside out and back to front? Looking for fresh baby names that feel less worn, but still well-known and easy to love?

Allow us to inspire you with 50 girl names that make the Top 50… just not in the US.

Beyond the US, many countries publish official lists of popular names. We scoured all those lists to pull together the often surprising names that rank highly in several locales.

American children with these names would share them with thousands of girls and women around the world, but not so many closer to home. From names you’ve probably heard of (how is Phoebe still below the Top 200?) to ones you may not (Ula, anyone?), enjoy these alternative Top 50 girl names.

International Top 50 Girl Names

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