Greek mythology name

Lamia Origin and Meaning

The name Lamia is a girl's name of Greek origin.

Name of mythological fiend who seduced young men and then ate them, which inspired the Keats poem "Lamia." Described in mythology as a snake with the head and breasts of a woman, this name has been considered in modern times as a vampire name. And if all that isn't discouraging enough, there's the "lame" connection.

Famous People Named Lamia

  • Lamia VoxRussian musical artist

Lamia in Pop Culture

  • Lamia Sonmezmain character in Turkish TV series "Kismet"
  • LamiaGreek mythology: Queen of Libya who devoured children
  • "Lamia" poem by English poet John Keats
  • Lamiaevil witch in Stardust played by Michelle Pfeiffer
  • LamyaArabic name meaning "having beautiful dark lips"