Cool Middle Names: Find one for Facebook

More people are coming to nameberry these days in search of cool middle names to use on Facebook. The whole give-yourself-a-new-middle-name thing started on Facebook way back in 2008, when supporters of Barack Obama took his middle name Hussein.

Next up: Facebookers began adopting the middle name Equality, to show their support for marriage equality.

Of course, adopting new cool middle names on Facebook is not all altruism.  On a more self-serving level, they can keep snoopy relatives, school administrators, and would-be employers from finding you and your potentially-embarrassing party pictures.

Self-namers in search of a cool cover can check out nameberry’s list of Cool Middle Names. Short and spunky, these names work best for girls. Among the best choices:

Speaking of Poe, the name of a favorite writer, artist, or musician can make a cool middle name for Facebook. Some ideas:

Another direction is to use a name that starts with or contains a cool letter, like X, Q, or Z. Some examples:

Or you might go with a middle name with a cool meaning. Animals are one good possibility, and the coolest animals are the fierce, independent ones: the lion, the wolf, the eagle. Some names that relate to those animals (and, in a few cases, also contain cool letters):

Of course, nameberry offers literally thousands more choices. What are your ideas?

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