"hero among heroes"

Xerxes Origin and Meaning

The name Xerxes is boy's name of Persian origin meaning "hero among heroes".
The two X's may be a challenge for even the most intrepid baby namer. Xerxes was the name of two early kings of Persia and the Handel opera Serse or Xerxes is loosely based on Xerxes I.

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Famous People Named Xerxes

  • Xerxes I and IIKings of Persia
  • XerxesKing of Armenia
  • Xerxes6th,century Sasanian prince who distinguished himself in his war against the Byzantine Empire
  • Xerxes de OliveiraBrazilian music producer
  • Xerxes Byram AvariPakistani competitive sailor
  • Xerxes DesaiIndian businessman and entrepreneur

Xerxes in Pop Culture

  • Xerxes Breakcharacter in anime "Pandora Hearts"
  • Xerxespet eel of Mozenrath in Disney's Aladdin TV series.
  • Xerxesboy representing X, who got eaten by mice, in The Gashlycrumb Tinies by Edward Gorey
  • Xerxespet falcon of Peter Griffin in an episode of TV's "Family Guy"
  • Xerxesancient civilization in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood where the entire population was mysteriously wiped out in one night
  • "Xerces" Song by the Deftones
  • "Xerxes" Composition by composer John Mackey.