Celebrity Babies: Latest starbaby name predictions

Celebrity babes arriving soon!

by Sophie Kihm

Creating a coordinated sibset for celebrity babies and everyone else can be hard enough, but when the siblings in question are half-siblings, it’s even harder. A new partner means a new set of opinions and ideas to account for, so frequently sibset cohesion is a preference that gets discarded in favor of an eclectic sibset (nothing wrong with that!).

Half of our celebrities this month will be naming half-siblings, so I’m curious to see where they fall along the sibset coordination continuum. It seems likely that Jamie Bell, Randy Houser, and Doug Reinhardt will all use names that pair well with their older sons’. Myleene Klass, on the other hand, has already embraced the eclectic sibset model with daughters named Ava and Hero. I’m looking forward to hearing what she chooses for their half-sister or brother.

Take a look at my predictions and let me know your suggestions in the comments. Also, let me know—have you named half-siblings? How did you feel about sibset cohesion?

Krysten Ritter and Adam Granduciel

Gender: unknown

Siblings: none

Krysten Ritter recently debuted her baby bump at the Oscars—her first child with War on Drugs frontman Adam Granduciel. People in hip bands often use hip baby names, and Krysten and Adam should be no exception. Any one of these hipster-chic baby names would be adorable on their son or daughter.

Girl: Clementine, Delilah, Eloise, Harriet, Juniper, Louisa, Lux, Mabel, Nova, Pearl

Boy: Alaric, Ansel, Calder, Hugo, Linus, Magnus, Milo, Rafferty, Thoren, Winston

Update: It’s a boy—Bruce Julian Knight!

Zinzi Evans and Ryan Coogler

Gender: unknown

Siblings: none

Director Ryan Coogler’s films have met much acclaim over the past few years—Fruitvale Station, Creed, and most recently, Black Panther. African American identity is a major theme throughout his works—I could definitely see him and wife Zinzi choosing a name inspired by a black historic or cultural icon for their son or daughter.

Girl: Clarissa, Ella, Eulalie, Ida, Natalie, Pearl, Ruby, Sadie, Simone, Zora

Boy: Alexander, August, Carver, Henry, Langston, Levi, Marshall, Miles, Quincy, Walker

Kate Mara and Jamie Bell

Gender: unknown

Siblings: Jack Matfin (previous relationship)

Actors Jamie Bell and Kate Mara are expecting their first child together later this year. Jamie’s five-year-old son is named Jack—the sort of every-boy name that can work in many a sibset. I chose names that paired well with Jack for Kate and Jamie—most of them with a slight British accent (since Jamie hails from the UK).
 Cecilia, Clare, Esme, Frances, Maeve, Mia, Ruby, Sadie, Tessa, Zelda

Boy: Alistair, Camden, Graham, Grant, Henry, Jude, Louis, Owen, Rex, Wells

Myleene Klass and Simon Motson

Gender: unknown

Siblings: Ava Bailey and Hero Harper (previous relationship)

Singer Myleene Klass has taken to calling her baby bump “Snoop,” although I’d be surprised if that’s a hint about his or her name. Her older two daughter are Ava and Hero—two very different names stylistically. She could go in either direction for baby number three’s name—maybe even a completely new one (might his or her name actually be Snoop?)—but these are some names that could bridge the gap between Ava and Hero.

Girl: Bea, Della, Honor, Juno, Lula, Lux, Scout, Romy, Roxy, Zadie

Boy: Bram, Cosmo, Emrys, Felix, Jude, Phoenix, Rhys, Roscoe, Kit

Maryse Ouellet and Mike “The Miz” Mizanin

Gender: unknown

Siblings: Monroe Sky

Maryse and Mike Mizanin seem to have branded themselves the “M” family. With everyone having an M as both their first and last initial, the odds are in favor of baby number two having a name that follows suit. That narrows the pool significantly, but there are still so many M options to choose from! Maryse is from Montreal, so I would love to see she and Mike choose something with French influence—maybe Mardi or Maelle.

Girl: Macyn, Madigan, Maelle, Mardi, Mariana, Marley, Marlowe, Marvel, Meilani, Mila

Boy: Madden, Maddox, Major, Matthias, Maverick, Maxx, Memphis, Mercer, Milan, Myles

Update: Welcome, Madison Jade!

Tatiana Starzynski and Randy Houser

Gender: unknown

Siblings: West (previous relationship)

With a dog named Hawk and a son named West, it’s clear country singer Randy Houser likes rugged word names for boys. I could especially see him and Tatiana going for something like Crew or Nash. If it’s a girl, I think we will see something similarly rough-and-tumble, modern, and not too feminine—I like the idea of Brynn or Marlowe.

Girl: Brynn, Emlyn, Frankie, Henley, Laurel, Leighton, Lou, Marlowe, True

Boy: Cord, Crew, Ever, Ford, Gray, Hayes, Jett, Lincoln, Maverick, Nash

Update: Welcome, Huckleberry Randolph!

Hayley Stommel and Tyler Hubbard

Gender: boy

Siblings: Olivia Rose

Another country starbaby! Although this country star has a different style. Hayley and Tyler Hubbard chose the name Olivia Rose for their daughter—a classic combo, and one that’s pretty easy to like. Now they’re expecting a son, but I have a feeling they’ll follow the same system. It’s likely they’ll go with another inoffensive choice, probably another name in the top 100.

Boy: Blake, Brady, Ethan, Jackson, Landon, Logan, Lucas, Mason, Nolan, Zachary

Update: Close! Baby Boy is Luca Reed

Mia Irons and Doug Reinhardt

Gender: boy/boy twins

Siblings: Koby (previous relationship)

It’s going to be identical twin boys for Mia Irons and Doug Reinhardt! Naming twins poses an extra challenge. The names should be somewhat matched as a pair, but also fit in within the larger sibset. Doug has a son named Koby, therefore I’m expecting something similarly short and punchy for his next two sons. He and Mia can mix and match any of the following options:

Boy: Ace, Beck, Bo, Chase, Dash, Drake, Hayden, Jake, Jax, Logan, Roman, Van

Update: Spelling was off—Baby boys are Beau and Maverick!

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wandsworth Says:

March 11th, 2019 at 6:41 am

Kate Mara is the only person I’ve heard of. If you included more well-known celebrities we would be more likely to care.

bluedanube Says:

March 11th, 2019 at 9:02 am

These celebrities are all well-known, depending on your sphere of influence. Don’t get snarky if you don’t know them all… Maybe make it a goal to expand your cultural circle and media consumption.

I’ll be naming a half sibling later this year, something that I’ve planned on for quite a long time! Sibset cohesiveness is super important to me. My kids have pretty unique names, so it’s important to me that additional siblings feel like a matched set.

bellerose Says:

March 11th, 2019 at 12:22 pm

I love this kind of posts!

Krysten Ritter: Bear or Clementine/Mabel.
Kate Mara/Jamie Bell: Leo/Forrest or Mila/Charlotte.
Ryan Coogler: love Simone for them!
Myleene Klass: Ava, Hero, Rocket or Wolf.
Maryse Ouellet and Mike Mizanin: Monroe & Marvel or Maximus.
Randy Houser: West & Stevie or Flynn.
Hayley Stommel and Tyler Hubbard: Olivia Rose & Finlay or Greyson.
Mia Irons: Koby, Jax & Colt.

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