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By Erica Loop,

You’ve read the books, the blogs, and every piece of parenting advice out there. You know what’s going on when it comes to newborn care. But even though it’s perfectly possible to learn the basics beforehand, when you get to real-world mommy-ing, sometimes things don’t look or feel like you expected. Check out the surprising stuff no one tells you about parenting a newborn.

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9 Cute Halloween Books for Toddlers

By Erica Loop, Brit + co

Boo! It’s almost Halloween, and your kiddo is getting ready for a ghoulishly good time. They’re a bit young for the Exorcist kind of fun, but they’re totally into friendly ghosts, good witches, adorably fuzzy black cats, and anything else that screams “Halloween!” without being threatening. While you’re getting into your fave Stephen King novel, your tot needs something tamer. And that’s why we’ve got these low-fright Halloween reads for you!

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Who’s In Your Baby Name Squad?

Naming a baby — or a pet, fictional character or video game avatar — is a very personal process. What matters most is that you find one that resonates with some deep part of your soul. But that doesn’t mean that seeking it has to be a solitary act.

And so here’s our question of the week: Who’s in your Name Squad? Who do you throw your name ideas at? Who do you discuss possibilities with? Hash out pitfalls involving your last name or a tricky ancestral namesake?

For many prospective parents, the Number One member of their Squad is a romantic partner or a co-parent, usually the only other person with final veto power. But there are a lot of other possible collaborators: Your own parents or in-laws, your siblings, close friends, even neighbors.

People who are planning on raising a baby alone might have a completely different setup. Not to mention all of you out there who are obsessed with names even though there’s no baby on the horizon at all. Who do you chat about names with?

And regardless of who’s in your squad, how do you collaborate? Group text? Facebook thread? We hope the Nameberry forums and links are a big part of the process, no matter what!

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Without My Baby I Just Look Crazy

Warning: if you’re a mom you will absolutely recognize yourself in this video courtesy of momgame.

The woman in the video is improv comedienne Lauren Wilson, who is–obviously–a mom. (A non-mom could never come up with this skit, and a non-mom would never understand it.)

This is one of several hilarious videos she has produced and posted to her YouTube channel so far.

We’re flagging it because, #1, it’s great; and #2, momgame is still flying under-the-radar. So this is a totally viral video that hasn’t yet gone viral! Help it along and forward to a friend.

(Courtesy of @momgame)

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Twin Babies Fight Over Pacifier

Well, I guess you’ve got to give them credit for being resourceful and trying to solve their own problems.

However, I’m hoping that ten seconds after this video ended, an adult in the household walked ten feet to the dresser and got a second pacifier. It will save them several hundred thousand dollars in therapy over the coming decades.

The video has generated over 200 MILLION YouTube views, which means the whole world is a witness to this budding sibling rivalry. Many comments on YouTube noted that it’s kind of mean of the parents to let the babies fight it out. Others pinned the bulk of the blame on one baby or the other!

My favorite comment? “They are learning…I see brains working here. These babies are very smart.”

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