“OMG! A Baseball!”

May 13, 2017 toddtarp

It’s June, so let’s celebrate dads–even dads like this one, who got so excited by a baseball that he seems to momentarily have forgotten that he has a child in tow.

To be fair, lots of dads get excited when a home run ball is hit over a fence and they are close enough to nab it–which is exactly the situation unfolding here. Unfortunately, when he goes for the ball, he forgets that he was holding a wagon with his child inside. When he lunges for the ball, the wagon and child continue to roll down the hill without him. Mom sees the drama unfold, but she can’t do anything to stop it, as she’s loaded down with her own baby.

If there’s ever a child custody battle between this couple, you can be certain this video will reemerge. ?In the meantime, Happy Father’s Day. (Courtesy of gfycat)


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