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Scandinavian Boy Names: A Hot New Trend

by Linda Rosenkrantz

Scandinavian boy names—except for Eric—have not had a great track record in the US. But change is definitely in the air.

Thanks to the confluence of some media celebrities and starbabies (Will Ferrell and his Swedish wife Vivica Paulin alone have three sons with Scandinavian names), literary sensations, etc, there’s some definite Nordic noise happening. Some of these Scandinavian boy names have already registered on the national list and some have only resonated with Nameberries so far. Here are some Nordic names to watch.


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13 Super September Baby Names for Now

by Linda Rosenkrantz

September baby names offer many rich options for baby name seekers. There are the flower and gem names directly associated with the month, names related the fall harvest, a few international choices and a number of notable namesakes.

Here are 13 of the best.

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Top British Baby Names: Some fun facts

By Emma Waterhouse

This week’s news includes fun facts from the new top British baby name data, name inspiration from the football pitch to the pizza parlor, and an out-of-this-world naming challenge for the Teenberries out there…

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Cool Word Names: Ace, Blaze and Allure

by Clare Green

This week’s news includes high-impact word names, rarities for every letter of the alphabet, and an accidental triple honor name.

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Celebrity Baby Names

By Clare Green

Celebrity baby names in this week’s news includes two very different boy names, and lots of stories about how names shape our identity…and maybe even the way we look!

Celebrity baby names: Winter and Bruce

Celebrity baby names feature in this week’s high-profile baby boy name announcements, with two that are almost polar opposites, but equally stylish and meaningful.

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