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Baby Name News of the Week

by Clare Green

This week’s news includes Pippa Middleton’s baby name, trends from New York to India, and why naming your son Gabriel might help your dog.

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By Clare Green

This week’s news includes super short baby names, football and hockey namesakes, Indigenous Canadian names, and British trends over the last 180 years.

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Bold Girl Names in this Week’s Name News

By Clare Green

The news this week includes all kinds of bold girl names, cross-cultural name controversy, and babies named after trees, tropical storms and fast food.

Daring girl names: Banks, Myrtle, Annelil

There have been lots of bold baby girl names in the news, both from celebs and the rest of the world.

For many parents, Banks is still rather an edgy choice for a boy: a preppy surname in the style of Brooks and Wells, but less popular. For showbiz couple Hilary Duff and Matthew Koma, it’s a girl’s name: their newborn daughter is Banks Violet.

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by Sophie Kihm

Do you find it easier to name girls or boys? Traditionally, the name pool for girls has been larger (although options for boys are ever increasing). For some, the plethora of choices for girls makes it easier to find a name they love, while for others the number of options can be overwhelming.

For Jessica Simpson, the girls name pool wasn’t big enough. She borrowed from the boys when naming her daughter Maxwell in 2012. Now that she has another daughter on the way, will we see a similar situation?

This month, many other celebrities announced that they are expecting girls. Kehlani, Teresa Palmer, and Egypt Sherrod are all going to be having daughters next year. And of course the biggest celebrity pregnancy news of the month—Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are expecting a baby (although no news yet on whether it’ll be a prince or a princess). Look for Eleanor Nickerson’s expert analysis of their name possibilities coming soon!

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by Linda Rosenkrantz

The celebrity factor was already a major influence on baby names when Nameberry was born in 2008, but over the past decade the celebrity culture has exploded even further and become even more impactful on names. The names of celebs, the names they name their children, the names of the characters they play, all have the power to transform the perception of unusual appellations and to put a high polish on dusty relics. And they can also shock us with some of their most outrageous picks. Let’s take a look at the coolest and craziest starbaby names of the decade.

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