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By Sophie Kihm

I’m not in the business of predicting middle names, but I find them as equally fascinating as the first names I am in charge of prognosticating. Some parents choose middles to honor loved ones, some use it as a place to go bold, while others are most concerned with the how it adds to the flow of the full name.

Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher fall into the first category, giving their son the name Isaiah Michael—his middle being Dad’s full first name. Robin Thicke’s children have the daring middle names of Fuego and Love, and Nev Schulman’s daughter has James in the middle (which I’d argue is a product of her 2016 birthday). Eddie Murphy‘s children have middle names including Mitchell, Ivy, and Oona, and Taylor Hanson‘s kids middles range from the expected to the out-there, with choices like Anne, Ezra, and Moriah.

So even though I’ve only given my predictions for the first names, I’m very excited to see what this group of celebrities decides to go with for their children’s middle names as well. Check out my musings and leave a comment about potential middle name options!

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This week’s news includes a boy named after a gemstone and a fairytale character, Italian heritage names, and the decline (or not) of Alan.

Buzz’s brother: welcome, Max Mario!

British pop culture power couple Tom and Giovanna Fletcher are legends of the baby name world for naming their sons Buddy Bob and Buzz Michelangelo. Now they have a third boy, the equally snappy Max Mario. Max is a good fit with his brothers’ nickname names, and Mario honors Giovanna’s brother and father.

Looking for names like Max, but not Max? Here’s a list for you.

Also in the celebrisphere, Robin Thicke has another daughter on the way! Time to place your bets: will Julian Fuego and Mia Love’s little sister get a powerful word in the middle spot too?

Immigrant names: the give and take

If your family comes from another country or culture, like Giovanna Fletcher, you might have considered whether to reflect that in your baby’s name. Two recent stories show different sides of the debate.

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Nicknamed Starbabies: Boys edition

by Linda Rosenkrantz

We recently looked at the nickname names celebs have been giving their daughters and of course there was an equal number of casual, colloquial names bestowed on their brothers. In the case of the boys, we see more mid-20th century monikers, including some that are pretty tough guy, if not badass (looking at you, Buster and Spike)– and not as many Victorian valentines.

This is definitely a trend that is celebrity-sanctioned.

ACEa nickname once reserved for daredevil pilots, card sharks and the occasional gangster is now a respectable and hot full name for boys. It’s #290 on the US charts, 159 on Nameberry and—sorry–#50 for dogs. Natalie Appleton, Jennie Fitch and Casey Daigle, Tom Dumont,  and Jessica Simpson are a few of the celebs holding Aces in their hands.

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Celebs are Crazy for Nickname Names!

By Linda Rosenkrantz

Nickname names are hot! Who by now hasn’t met, for instance, a girl named Sam or Charlie? And nobody loves a nickname name more than celebrities, and many of them have displayed a lot of originality, discovering and reviving long forgotten relics.  Here are some of the most outstanding recent starbaby nickname names. We’re focused on the girls for now, but look for the boys’ list coming soon.

ANDYJack and Lisa Osbourne gave two of their three daughters nickname names—perhaps inspired by grandad Ozzie (born John). For their middle child, Andy Rose, born in 2015, they chose one rarely heard for a girl: actress Andie MacDowell (born Rosalie Anderson) uses a different spelling.

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By Clare Green

This week’s news includes the latest Bieber baby, unusual sources of inspiration, and the power of passing names down the generations.

Super sibling patterns

In the celebrity world, Justin Bieber has a new half-sister, Bay. Justin’s dad Jeremy decided to break the J-pattern of his older children (Justin’s other sibs are Jazmyn and Jaxon) and use a tiny nature name that’s still under the radar for both boys and girls. Some are saying that Bay Bieber – or Bay B. as she might be known if there’s more than one Bay in her class – is a bit much. What do you think?

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