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National Joe Day
March 27th, 2020

National Joe Day Celebrates Joes and Jos

By Pamela Redmond

March 27th is National Joe Day — a holiday in celebration of the most All-American of names. Take a look at the history of the name Joe and some of its most famous bearers.

Name Guru to the Stars
March 24th, 2020

Name Guru to the Stars: Predicting Names for Babies Bloom and Bynes

By Sophie Kihm

See what’s in the stars for Katy Perry, Amanda Bynes, and more celebs with the Name Guru to the Stars celebrity baby name predictions.

Celebrity baby name tattoos
March 9th, 2020

Celebrity Parents Honor Children with Baby Name Tattoos

By Sophie Kihm

Celebrities who have paid tribute to their children with baby name tattoos—from conventional to crazy.

Short baby names
March 6th, 2020

Celebrities Love Short Names, and So Do We!

By Clare Green

Short names are flavor of the month for starbabies, and we love them too. Here are 12 different styles of mini-names to consider.

Fairy tale baby names
March 3rd, 2020

Fairy Tale Names Cast Magic Spell

By Sophie Kihm

Looking for a baby name with an extra bit of enchantment? Consider one of these unique baby names from fairy tales.

fashion baby names
February 28th, 2020

Fashion Runways Set Hottest New Name Trends

By Emma Waterhouse

High fashion baby names: inspired by Fashion Week, these are the top trends to look out for if you want to be stylishly ahead-of-the-curve (or not!)

celebrity baby names
February 18th, 2020

Name Guru to the Stars: Will Grimes Call Her Baby Tesla?

By Sophie Kihm

Nameberry’s Name Guru to the Stars predicts what celebrities including Elon Musk, Joe Jonas, and Ciara will name their babies.

names meaning fame and fortune
February 13th, 2020

These Names Mean Fame and Fortune

By Clare Green

Are you more likely to be a movie star if your name is Daniel or Katherine? A recent survey thinks so– and we’ve got more names with famous meanings.

Which Celebrity Baby Namer Are You
January 29th, 2020

Which Celebrity Baby Namer Are You?

By Sophie Kihm

Everyone has a celebrity baby namer identity, and we created a quiz to help you find yours.

Little Women names
December 26th, 2019

Little Women Sets New Name Trends

By Pamela Redmond

The new Little Women movie is sure to set lots of style trends, including one for names from its Civil War era, particularly Jo and Louisa.