Quiz: What's Your 2023 Name?

Quiz: What's Your 2023 Name?

Happy New Year, Berries! Before we officially say goodbye to 2023, we want to look back at the most notable names of the year.

Take our quiz below to discover your 2023 name, then read about the names that defined 2023.

The Names That Defined 2023

The names that feel most connected to the year are those of people, places, characters, and events that shaped 2023.

Celebrity names of stars in the news this year — Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift — are featured, along with several influential celebrities who passed away in 2023, from Tina Turner to Matthew Perry.

So too are their celebrity baby names, including Rihanna and A$AP Rocky's son Riot Rose, and John Legend and Chrissy Teigen's daughter Esti Maxine.

TV character names and movie character names from the top entertainment of the year, such as Carmy (The Bear), Siobhan (Succession), Coriolanus (Hunger Games), and Barbie and Ken (Barbie).

And of course, we've included names connected to significant cultural moments of 2023, such as Tiktok trends surrounding the Roman empire and Lewis the "not a Jack-o'-lantern", and hit songs like "Princess Diana" and "Seven."

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