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What’s in an Author Name?

by Marie Myung-Ok Grace Lee, The Millions

If I’m gonna tell a real story, I’m gonna start with my name. 
Kendrick Lamar 

Not unlike George Herbert Walker Bush, my full legal name, as it reads on my birth certificate, has four pieces, not the usual three.

Marie Myung-Ok Grace Lee.

People assume Myung-Ok is my middle name. But it’s just my name, one that was benched, like a junior varsity player, for my entire childhood, and then revived–but not for the reasons one might think–when I needed an “author name” for my novel.

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By Linda Rosenkrantz

Primrose, Magnolia, Lilith, Hawthorne, Eben, Zeke Iron. And sibsets Juniper Rae and Indigo Rue, and Callum Rogers, Waverly Ren and Morwenna Jubilee. What’s this? Just another glorious month in the land of berrybaby names.

Here’s the full list of forum postings for April, including girl twins Rowan Violet and Indie Lola

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Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers and mothers-to-be out there. Today we give a shout-out to some outstanding moms of outstanding celebs, who happen to have—you guessed it—some outstanding names we love. Such as the distinctive Asalia (Zoe Saldana), Ata (Dwayne Johnson), Dellsena (Olivia Spencer), Delora (Vin Diesel, Gerda (Greta Gerwig), Lennis (Denzel Washington and Sarie (Margot Robbie). Here are some of the more wearable.

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By Clare Green (nee Bristow)

This week’s news includes the newest Kardashian, a baby named after Salvador Dalí, and what’s hot in Quebec.

Kardashian baby: it’s True!

The third KarJenner baby of the year has arrived: Khloé Kardashian welcomed her daughter True last week.

True ticks a lot of boxes. It’s a family name on Khloé’s mother’s side. It kind of echoes dad’s name, Tristan (Khloé previously said that they would have called a boy Tristan Jr.). It’s a bold word name like her half-brother Prince and several of her cousins’ names: North, Saint, Stormi, Dream and Reign. (Not that most parents need to worry about fitting in with the cousins. But for the Kardashians, it’s all about the family brand.) And, as Nameberry’s Pam points out here, truth is a value that’s especially important to the family right now.

True could be added to the list of names that celebs use more than the rest of us. Actors Forest Whitaker and Joely Fisher have daughters named True, and British pop singer Jamelia welcomed her daughter True Winter earlier this year.

Nationally, it’s rising but still rare, and still unisex. In the US, there were 31 girls and 44 boys named True born in 2016. We probably won’t see it in the top 1000 any time soon, but there’s more hope for presidential surname Truman, which ranks #490 on the Nameberry chart.

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Baby Name News: Grayson, Harlow and Zel

By Clare Winslow

This week’s news includes creative honor names, storms and stars, trends from New Zealand, and a baby aardvark.

News from the Midwest: honor names and Arabic names

Looking for a way to honor someone, without using their name? Here are some real-life examples from Minnesota parents who used one name to reference another.

Young Silas Edward Theodore Hopkins has initials that spell his dad’s name, Seth. Another boy, Brendyn, was named in memory of his grandmother Brenda.

One couple chose Lennie for their daughter. They started off looking for nicknames for Eleanor, then realized the nickname was what they really loved. (This reminds me of the parents who considered Hazel and Zelda for their daughter, before paring it down to short, sweet Zel.)

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