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Surname Names for Boys: Help wanted!

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by Abby Sandel

They’re adopting baby number six in just a few weeks. Meaning matters, but so does fitting in with their family. Let’s help them find the right surname name choice for their new son!

Kate writes: 

We just got the call that we have been chosen to adopt a baby boy. We are thrilled but need to pick a name soon.

We have five children: sons Cohen Reid and Adler Josiah, and daughters Kacey Josephine Pearl, Scout Alivia Jordan, and Harper Evangeline Raea.

One of this baby’s middle names will be Ripley.

While we have always talked about the name Fletcher with either the middle name Davis or Rhodes, I’m not convinced we have the right name for this baby.

I’ve recently heard the name Boone and love it but not sure it fits with our short, two-syllable A last name.

Other names we love: Wilder, Booker, Jude, Flynn, Gable, Lennon, Nash.

The meaning of the name is important to us. We love that Fletcher means an arrow maker, a person who hits the target. I love that Boone means blessed as this baby is a gift.

We would like to avoid using the same first initial of any of our other children.

The Name Sage replies:

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Dad Names: Updates for Alpha Babes

by Sophie Kihm

Babies born today are a part of Generation Alpha, which encompasses children born from 2010 to 2025. Their parents are Millennials, who were born from 1980-1996, the dawn of the digital age.

The trends in baby naming have shifted between these generations. Parents have become more adventurous with boy names, widening the pool of options for Gen Alpha babies. This change began during Generation Z but has really picked up steam since 2010. As more parents choose names like Bodhi and Ryker for their sons, there is less pressure to stick with the hyper-traditional dad names that dominated for so many years.

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by Linda Rosenkrantz

It’s become a Nameberry tradition. In celebration of Mother’s Day, we honor a dozen moms who not only have raised highly successful offspring, but who also happen to have—yes—memorable names themselves. Here is this year’s list of the Top 12, including the mom names of Lady Gaga,  Beyoncé and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex– now followed by a much wider group of also-interesting also-rans.

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Sibsets: Finding a name for baby #3

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They’ve set quite the pattern with their first two kids’ names! Now they’re expecting again, and need to complete the sibset with a name they love every bit as much.

Valerie writes:      

We are struggling with a name for our third child.

We have a son, Christopher Joseph, and a daughter, Gwendolyn Grace. They are primarily called Kit and Gwen or Gwennie.

I feel like it’s much harder to name each consecutive child because I feel like I keep setting up themes that I want to continue, but I want each name to sound sufficiently different from the others.

Between our two existing children, these are the themes we have going:

– Three syllable, traditional name

– A spunky, short nickname

– An animal associated with each child (a kit is a baby fox; Gwendolyn is affectionately referred to as Wendybird, a Peter Pan reference)

I also like that they have different starting consonant sounds and different middle vowel sounds.

If our third child is a girl, we think we’ve found the perfect name: Eleanor Pearl with the nickname Nora.

For a boy, we’re stuck. We have names that we like, but none perfectly fit within the themes and criteria I’ve set up. His middle name would be James.

We’ve considered:

Theodore, nn Teddy – It shares the same vowel sound as Gwennie’s name.

Augustus, nn Gus Gus and Gwen share a consonant.

Milo – Not three syllables and no nickname, plus missing an obvious animal association.

Our third child might be our last, so I don’t want to leave them out of any of the themes we have in our naming. At the same time, I want to adore their name in its own right.

Any suggestions you can think of? Thanks for your help!

The Name Sage replies:

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By Linda Rosenkrantz

To commemorate Martin Luther King Day this year, we look at some of the most important names in this towering Civil Rights hero’s personal and social activist lives, from his birth in Atlanta, Georgia to his death in Selma, Alabama.

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