Boys’ Names: The Happy Ending

Boys’ Names: The Happy Ending

Maybe contemplating the name Rufus sparked my revelation.  Or it might have hit me when I encountered an Otis.  Whatever the inspiration, I suddenly realized that my most-loved boys’ names end in the letter s.  Yep, almost all of them.

Amias?  One of my all-time underappreciated favorites.

Amadeus and MilesMusic to my ears.

Augustus, Octavius, Cassius, and Aurelius? Love, love, love, and love.

What is it about s-ending names that hold such appeal?

It’s true, I prefer their soft, sybillant ending to the harder –er ending that’s so popular right now for boys’ names.  Besides being more gentle, it feels a bit more surprising, intrinsically distinctive.

Many of my favorite classic boys’ names end in s: Thomas, James, Louis, Charles, and Nicholas.  And trendier choices of decades past, from Chris and Curtis to Dennis and Douglas to Ross and Russ to Jess and Wes, helped whet the overall appetite for s-ending names.

Some of the names that end in s are fairly fashionable today.  These include:

  • Atticus

  • Dallas

  • Elias (my favorite of all the male El– names)

  • Elvis

  • Gus

  • Harris

  • Jonas

  • Lucas

  • Magnus

  • Marcus

  • Moses

  • Phineas

  • Rhys

  • Silas (thanks to Weeds)

  • Travis

  • Because I’m around names all the time, I prefer those that are a little further off the beaten track.  For instance:

  • Angus

  • Bas

  • Boris

  • Caius

  • Cassius

  • Cyrus

  • Cornelius (though I would never saddle a child with it)

  • Darius

  • Davis (much prefer to David)

  • Erasmus

  • Fergus (the truth is I don’t like this, but Linda does)

  • Ignatius

  • Josias

  • Jules

  • Justus

  • Lazarus

  • Linus

  • Lucius

  • Morris

  • Osias

  • Otis

  • Perseus

  • Piers

  • Quintus

  • Romulus

  • Rufus

  • Seamus

  • Thaddeus

  • Thelonious

  • Tobias

  • Ulysses

  • Zacharias (much better than Zachary)

  • And then there are the names that don’t exactly end in s, but might as well.

  • Ace

  • Blaise

  • Boaz

  • Chase

  • Horace (I love this name, but appreciate that it would be very difficult for a child)

  • Max

  • Vince

  • Wallace

  • You get the idea.  Of course, not every s-ending name is a winner.  A few I wouldn’t recommend:

  • Beavis

  • Brutus

  • Giles (in the U.S., the pronunciation is just too confusing)

  • Hans and Lars (too Olde Worlde for me)

  • Judas

  • Mars (undeniably cool, yet….)

  • Paris (the girls really did take this one)

  • Purvis (some crazy person searched this a couple thousand times on nameberry)

  • Severus

  • Sextus

  • Zeus

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