Blonde, Brunette and Redhead Baby Names:

October 10, 2013 Linda Rosenkrantz

Ever wonder how our names actually originated? A lot of them derived from the Latin or Greek word for the physical characteristic of a single individual—for example Cicero means ‘chick pea’ because of a wart on the nose of the first Cicero, and Claude’s meaning of ‘lame’ ditto. Several more are related to the bearer’s hair color or quality, such as the ones here. I’ll spare you poor Brendan, which means ‘stinking hair’ and the biblical Esau, meaning ‘hairy’.


An Irish surname that means “descendant of the curly-haired one,” Cassidy was once a lean, lanky Hopalong name, until it got lassoed by the cowgirls in the 1980’s, going on to climb as high as Number 105 for girls in 1997. Right now, it’s 96% pink.


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