Babyberry Announcements for July

Babyberry Announcements for July

By Linda Rosenkrantz

Get ready for another monthsworth of imaginative Berrybaby choices—from Alaric to Zadoc!

Just a one single July baby name found multiple users in July: Elsie, but also the Isobel spelling was found in both first and middle place.

The nature middle name trend continues, with an Iris, a Sage, a Lake, and a Wren.  For vowel watchers: Just a solitary A-girl, but five beginning with E. And three accidental alliterations.

Here’s the list:


Arabella Louise

Carmen Iris Juliette

“…as she may well be my one and only child, I wanted to give her the name Carmen, as I think it’s the ultimate strong, sensual, womanly, as opposed to girly name. Plus it’s the color red, the opera, the first woman ever on film and it’s easy to spell! Irises are out in the garden in June and will be for all her birthdays. Juliette…my middle name is Antoinette and I wanted something French as I realized I was pregnant while in Paris!”

Clara Victoria, sister of Lydia Katherine

“We love the similar vintage feel to both girls’ names as well as the fact that they are popular but not too popular.”

Cosima Edeline May

Eliza Sage, sister of Susanna Lake

Eliza is named for both my grandmother, Elizabeth, and for my middle name. Sage is our tribute to California, a scent that we would smell when we lived there, hiking the majestic hills.”

Elliana Raechel, sister of M’kaela and Alyza

Elsie Isla, sister of Michael Scott, Eden Brielle and Alora Lynae

Elsie Anne, sister of Nolan Franko

Everleigh Laura Lake, sister of Cordelia Sylvia Snow

“We liked this spelling better than Everly as it felt more feminine and in line with our other daughter’s long name.”

Forsythia Margaret, sister of Flannery Katherine

Genevieve Isobel, sister of Gemma Marie

“I had no intention of choosing another G name, but we fell in love with the name. It has no family ties or significance, we loved the beauty and old-newness of it. I let my husband choose the middle name…he chose Isobel, after the Bjork song.”

Iona Maxcine

Iona imo is a great Scottish name that has significance for Ireland as well (I’m of Irish descent) and Maxcine is for my husband’s grandmother.”

Isobel Wren, sister of Soren Patrick and Naomi Elise

Vivienne Claire


Alaric Jack Corbinian, brother of Seraphine Juliette Roisin and Isadora Jacqueline Winter

“We have followed our naming pattern of three names—one we like the sound of, one family name beginning with J, one guilty pleasure. Alaric appeals to my husband’s love of Germanic history and myth and my gothic tendencies as the name of the King of the Visigoths who sacked Rome. Jack is my beloved and much missed grandfather. Corbinian is the name of a medieval German saint which combines the Latin root for crow and the old Herman root for raven…Crows and ravens are two of my favourite animals.”

Alister James, brother of Penelope Grace

“We had narrowed it down to two names—Alister and Ezra,,,it wasn’t until we told our family our choices that we found out Alister is actually my husband’s grandfather’s first name, He goes by his middle name so my husband never knew!”

Hugh Robert, brother of George and Louisa

Judah Theodore, brother of Seren Beatrix

“The name Judah came out of nowhere, but we both instantly thought it felt like the right name. We couldn’t settle on a middle name until a day after he was born, but we came full circle and thought Theodore fit perfectly. Other names we seriously considered were Abram, Ellis, and Otto.”

Knox Hayden

Lennon Wallace, brother of Lucille Beatrice

“Both children have family middle names…Their first names don’t intentionally both start with the letter L. However, Lennon is partially after John Lennon and Lucille is partially after Lucille Ball. So I love that their names have so much meaning in terms of family and influential people on a more worldly level..”

Ludwig Anders

“…Anders was much easier to decide on; my wife’s maiden name is Anderson, and since he was going to have my surname, we wanted a little bit of Anderson and my wife’s family in there.”

Nyle Davis, brother of Ash Dominic

Sawyer Daryl Langford

SawyerDaryl and I both loved this name from the first time it came up as an option but we were completely sold when we realized its meaning—woodcutter. Couldn’t think of a better way to honour my brother who is a tree surgeon. We hope he will be a big influence in Sawyer’s life and example to follow.”

Zadok Alexander, brother of Jerusha Rose

Your favorite first and middle name combo?  Best sibset?

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Linda Rosenkrantz

Linda Rosenkrantz

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