Baby Names of 2011: Newest crop of babyberries

Baby Names of 2011: Newest crop of babyberries

Since our last round-up of Nameberry’s actual baby names of 2011 in June, there’s been a bonanza of beautifully named newbies posted on our forums–and I’m sure they’re just the tip of the iceberg.  Once again Pam and I are blown away by the fantastic choices being made—from the elegant  classics to the more imaginative selections, including great multiple pairings and sibsets.  Not to mention all the consistently awesome level of berry-to-berry advice, guidance and support that often leads to those choices.

Of course we can only know about the names posted on the Birth Announcements, so we really hope you’ll enter your upcoming happy news there for all to share.  The names below cover the period from July 1st to right now– if we’ve missed any from that time frame, please post them under Comments and we’ll be sure to add them to the list.


Athena May and Amelia Joy (twins)

Baker Ann, sister of Easton James and Mila Jean

Beatrix Eleanor

Beatrix Joy

Carys Juliet

Catherine Polly, Marcheline Chloe Lux and Henry Kerr (triplets)

Charlotte Daniella, sister of Dominic Andrew and Owyn Patrick

Clementine Bloom

Edith Genevieve, sister of Audrey Isabelle

Eleanor Blythe, sister of Amelia Rose

Elena Rue & Alexandra Marielle, twin sisters of Jackson Scott, Samuel Jameson Brave and Lucas Liam Matthew

Elizabeth Victoria Christianne

Eloise Susannah Blythe, sister of Adelaide and Aila

Elsa Imara Flossie Genevieve and Nathaniel Rutherford IV (twins)

Frances Kate, sister of Georgia, Grace and Henry

Everly Belle

Genevieve Susan

Helena Joy

Iris Yarkor, sister of Ada Yarley

Jade Alessa

Joely Bridget Niamh

Juliet Catherine, sister of Declan Theodore and Matilda Charlotte

Lucy Beatrice, sister of Henry Christian

Lydia Ann

Merel Cordelia

Magnolia Tianin

Miranda Viola, sister of Allison Kathleen

Nina Lucille

Noa Rose

Ramona June, sister of Frances Adelaide and Winston Romer

Sylvie Louise, sister of Gideon Bernard

Violet Luna Maeve, sister of Elena Iris Rose

Wren Olivia, sister of Isla and Knox


Artham “ArloSylvester

Dawson Wilfred Roy, brother of Harrison Felix

Emmett Carson

Finn Andrew, brother of Owen Joseph and Rhys Patrick

Gideon James

Harry George, brother of Alice Heather

Henry Augustus

Jacob Dominic and Bennett Troy (twins)

James Arthur Hedley

Jude Rafferty, brother of Felix Lysander, Olive Matilda, Maeve Tallulah, Susannah Blair and Edward Attius

Julian James

Leander Edward Moss

Leo Sebastian

Lionel Rafferty, brother of Harriet Katia, Beatrice Liv, and Cordelia Joyce

Luke Axel and Oliver Graham (twins)

Malcolm Edward

Nathaniel Rutherfod IV and Elsa Imara Flossie Genevieve (twins)

Nolan Edward, brother of Reese Madelynn

Oliver Gray, brother of Beckett Reed

Owen Cassady, brother of Everett James

Rafferty Arthur John, brother of LilyRose Ophelia

Rocco Vincent Henry, brother of Mosely Jackson

Ronen Ira

Theodore Forest

Theodore Patrick

Valo Sebastian

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Linda Rosenkrantz

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