Autumn Names: Fall Foliage and More

September 18, 2014 Linda Rosenkrantz

In most places—unfortunately not where I happen to live—fall is in the air and trees are rehearsing for their dramatic color-change show, with its basket of red, gold and brown-toned name possibilities. If you’re seeking an autumn-themed name, there are also harvest goddesses to consider, and astrological and gem-of-the-month possibilities. Or you could just name her Autumn.
Featured photo by Georgia Brizuela at Documenting Delight.


The golden tones of turning autumn leaves are reflected in the meaning of Aurelia, “the golden one.” One of the fastest rising names of 2013, Aurelia has a history spanning from the mother of Julius Caesar to a character in Love, Actually. A big Nameberry favorite, Berries rank it Number 39.


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