"rich and noble heritage"

Ulrich Origin and Meaning

The name Ulrich is boy's name of German origin meaning "rich and noble heritage".
Ulrich has ancient roots — it was derived from the Old High German name Uodalrich (also spelled Odalric). Ulrich was a common given name in medieval Germany, when it was associated with St. Ulrich of Augsburg. St. Ulrich is the patron saint of pregnant women and easy births.

Ulrich was a popular baby name in midcentury Switzerland and its international variants are currently fashionable elsewhere in Europe. The Scandinavian form, Ulrik, ranks among the Top 50 boy names in Norway, and Urh, the Slovene variation, is in the Slovenian Top 100.

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Famous People Named Ulrich

  • Ulrich of AugsburgGerman bishop; first saint canonized by the Pope
  • UlrichDuke of Württemberg
  • Ulrich ZwingliSwiss reformer
  • UlrichDuke of Mecklenburg
  • Ulrich SchnaussGerman techno musician
  • Ulrich WildSwiss,American record producer
  • Ulrich von WilamowitzMoellendorff, German classical philologist
  • (Karl Emil Julius) Ulrich SalchowSwedish figure skater, originator of the salchow jump
  • Ulrich ThomsenDanish actor
  • (Friedrich Hans) Ulrich MüheGerman actor
  • Ulrich "Rick" FoxCanadian basketball player

Ulrich in Pop Culture

  • Johann Ulrich Vossfictional 'German explorer in Australia, 1845' in Voss (1957) by Patrick White
  • Sir Ulrich von Liechtensteinalias of character in the movie "A Knight's Tale"
  • Ulrich Sterncharacter in TV series "Code Lyoko"
  • Ulrichcharacter in movie "Dragonslayer"
  • Ulrichcharacter in Robert Musil's "The Man Without Qualities"
  • Ulrich von Gradwitzcharacter in Saki's short story 'The Interlopers"
  • Ulrich Nielsencharacter from TV series "Dark"
  • Ulrich means HandsomeWolf