Short form of Sidney, French

Sid Origin and Meaning

The name Sid is both a boy's name and a girl's name meaning "Saint-Denis".
Sid originated as a nickname for Sidney, but we like it on its own, a la Sara Quin's and Jason Biggs and Jenny Mollen's sons. Sid Vicious, member of the band the Sex Pistols, gives this name a punk rock vibe.

Sid Popularity

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Famous People Named Sid

  • Sid Vicious (born John Simon Ritchie)guitarist for English band The Sex Pistols
  • Isaac Sidney "Sid" CaesarAmerican comedian and TV personality
  • Sidney Raymond "Sid" EudyAmerican pro wrestler
  • Sidney Gerald "Sid" AbelCanadian ice hockey player
  • Sidney "Sid" GordonAmerican baseball player
  • Sidney Patrick "Sid" Graumanowner of Hollywood's legendary Chinese Theater
  • Sidney George "Sid" WilsonAmerican DJ for band Slipknot
  • Sidney K. "Sid" MeierCanadian game designer
  • Sidney "Sid" LuckmanAmerican NFL player
  • Sidney "Sid" TerrisAmerican boxer
  • Sid James (born Solomon Joel Cohen)South African,British actor
  • Sid Krofft (born Cydus Yolas)Canadian,American puppeteer and TV producer
  • Sid Biggs (b. 2014)son of actor Jason Biggs

Sid in Pop Culture

  • Sidvillain in Pixar's "Toy Story"
  • Sid the Slothcharacter in the Ice Age series
  • SidCookie Monster's real name on "Sesame Street"
  • "Sid the Science Kid" animated series and title character
  • Cidcharacter in the Final Fantasy video game series
  • Sidcharacter on animated series "Hey Arnold!"
  • Sidney "Sid" Jenkinscharacter on TV's "Skins"
  • Sid the Dummycharacter on TV's "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"
  • Sidcharacter on British sitcom "Only Fools and Horses"
  • Sidney "Sid" Walkercharacter on Australian soap "Home & Away"
  • Sid SawyerTom's half brother in "Tom Sawyer"
  • Sean "Sid" Mitchellcharacter on New Zealand soap "Shortland Street"
  • Sidcharacter on British sitcom "Last of the Summer Wine"
  • Sidcharacter in video game "Suidoken II"
  • SIDJapanese visual kei band