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Webster Origin and Meaning

The name Webster is a boy's name of English origin meaning "weaver".

Webster is one of several W-starting surname names back on the drawing board, now that it has recovered from its childlike eighties sitcom identity.

Webster was used in respectable numbers in the past--it reached a high of Number 388 in 1890--but like several other surnames starting with W, fell off the list completely in the 1940s. With its engaging nickname Webb, we can see it making a comeback.

Webster Young was a jazz trumpeter who played with most of the greats, but more prominent bearers wore Webster as a surname--in particular statesman Daniel and lexicographer Noah.

Fun feminist fact: Webster was originally an occupational name for a female weaver, though it's used exclusively for boys now.

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Famous People Named Webster

  • Webster Gradney Jr. aka WebbieAmerican rapper
  • Webster English YoungAmerican jazz trumpeter
  • Webster AndersonU.S. Medal of Honor recipient
  • Webster PaulsonEnglish civil engineer
  • Webster Melvin SlaughterAmerican NFL football player
  • Webster Lee "Webb" HubbellAmerican lawyer and aide to President Bill Clinton
  • Webster Griffin TarpleyAmerican author and historian
  • William Webster "Webb" FranklinU.S. Congressman from Mississippi
  • Webster Lee "Webb" HubbellAmerican lawyer and aide to President Bill Clinton
  • Webster Clay "Webb" BallAmerican founder of the Ball watch company
  • Noah Websterproduced the first American dictionary in 1828
  • Daniel WebsterAmerican statesman
  • Arthur Gordon Websterfounder of the American Physical Society

Webster in Pop Culture

  • Webster Longmain character on TV's "Webster"
  • Webster Bootcharacter in J.K. Rowling's "Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry"