"praise, charm"

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The name Sansa is a girl's name of Sanskrit origin meaning "praise, charm".
Game of Thrones author George R. R. Martin is a master namer, and this unusual choice from India is beginning to be heard in nurseries as well as on television. Sansa was perhaps slower to catch on than other names such as Arya and Khaleesi as Sansa Stark was in the first seasons of the show a weak and compromised character. But she's developed a good measure of backbone and integrity, which makes her lovely name a more attractive possibility. In 2015, 20 baby girls in the US were named Sansa, a number we expect to rise.
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  • Sansa Starkcharacter in the "Game of Thrones" series
  • SANSA Airlinesbased in San José, Costa Rica.
  • 13th century Basque meaning"Saint" (from Sancha)
  • Means "Chance" in Romanian

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