Greek or Latin
"the best; ear of corn"

Arista Origin and Meaning

The name Arista is a girl's name of Greek origin meaning "the best; ear of corn".

From the root for aristocrat, an upwardly mobile choice -- or if you go by its other meaning, an earthy delicious choice.

Arista is a rare name for girls that has the popular A beginning-and-ending sound. If you're looking for a name that goes beyond the expected Ava and Amelia options, Arista might make your list.

Arista Popularity

Famous People Named Arista

  • Íñigo Arista1st King of Pamplona
  • Mariano Arista19th President of Mexico

Arista in Pop Culture

  • Aristaone of Ariel's sisters in Disney's "The Little Mermaid"
  • Aristaformer American record label; one,time record label of the late Whitney Houston
  • Aristaformer french automobile
  • Arista (aka Spica)a star in the constellation Virgo