Greek mythology name, diminutive of Amelia, or Hawaiian
"ash tree; honey; work; plumeria"

Melia Origin and Meaning

The name Melia is a girl's name of Spanish, Greek origin meaning "ash tree; honey; work; plumeria".

This is a rich, melodic shortening of the popular girls' name Amelia that can stand on its own. There are several figures in Greek myth named Melia, most notably a daughter of Oceanus. The Meliae are nymphs associated with trees.

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Melia Popularity

Famous People Named Melia

  • Melia WatrasAmerican violist
  • Melia MarianoAmerican dancer and TV personality

Melia in Pop Culture

  • Melianice maid at Dr Blimber's school in "Dombey and Son" (1848) by Charles Dickens
  • Meliamember of the Atlantean High Council in the Stargate series
  • Melia Antiquacharacter in video game "Xenoblade Chronicles"
  • Meliadaughter of Oebalus in Mozart's opera "Apollo et Hyacinthus"
  • Meliagenus of mahogany trees
  • Meliaformer genus of moth
  • MeliaHawaiian name for the frangipani flower