Verena Origin and Meaning

The name Verena is a girl's name of Spanish, Latin origin meaning "integrity".

Verena is pleasant but old-fashioned. Whether that's the outdated kind of old-fashioned or the so-out-it's-in-again kind is your call.

St. Verena was a third century nurse; Verena Tarrant is a beautiful red-haired character in the Henry James novel The Bostonians.

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Famous People Named Verena

  • Saint Verena3rd,century Egyptian nurse who went with the Theban Legion to Switzerland; her name might be a Coptic form of Berenice which is also the source of Veronica
  • Verena MeiAmerican model and actress
  • Verena PeterGerman actress
  • Verena von StrengeGerman singer of group Dune
  • Verena Carmen RehmGerman singer of group Groove Coverage
  • Verena Esther HuberDyson, Swiss mathematician
  • Verena Merethe von Weymarnfirst German woman military general
  • Verena Winifred HolmesEnglish mechanical engineer
  • Verena Wagner Lafferentzgranddaughter of German composer Richard Wagner; one,time girlfriend of Hitler
  • Verena FaißtGerman footballer
  • Verena "Vreni" SchneiderSwiss skier

Verena in Pop Culture

  • Verena Tarrantcharacter in Henry James' "The Bostonians" (1886)
  • Verena Simmonsmalicious gossip in Holy Deadlock (1934) by A. P. Herbert
  • Verena von Stefancharacter in film "All I Wanna Do"