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Faro Origin and Meaning

The name Faro is a boy's name of Italian origin meaning "lighthouse".
Names ending with O are popular, but this one is almost unheard-of. Faro has the advantages of being easy to spell and pronounce (unless it's confused with Pharaoh), and a bright meaning. Ultimately it comes from Pharos, the island where the great Lighthouse of Alexandria was built, and there's a district and city in Portugal called Faro. Be aware: it's also the name of a gambling card game, highly popular in the nineteenth century before poker took over.

Faro Popularity

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Famous People Named Faro

  • Saint FaroBishop of Meaux, France
  • Rodrigo FaroBrazilian actor.

Faro in Pop Culture

  • Faroa merman, character in Helen Dunmore's "Ingo" series
  • Ted Farocharacter in video game Horizon Zero Dawn

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