"crescent bay or garland valley"

Hanalei Origin and Meaning

The name Hanalei is a boy's name meaning "crescent bay or garland valley".

An appealing Hawaiian name which belongs to a town, river and bay on Kauaʻi island in Hawaii. The two possible meanings of the name, "crescent bay" or "garland (lei) valley" both describe the beauty of the place.

Hanalei is a unisex name which is sometimes used for boys as a Hawaiian version of Henry, although the names are not etymologically related.

Famous People Named Hanalei

  • Richard QuestCNN correspondent
  • Questlovestage name of Ahmir Khalib Thompson

Hanalei in Pop Culture

  • "Johnny Quest" TV show and main character
  • "Galaxy Quest" "Star Trek" spoof
  • One of the pressurized modules of the International Space Station

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