Greek mythology name
"the messenger god"

Hermes Origin and Meaning

The name Hermes is a boy's name of Greek origin meaning "the messenger god".

These days, more people will relate to Hermes -- pronounced ayr-MEZ -- as an upscale brand name like Chanel and Porsche than as a Greek god. Actress Kelly Rutherford took on the challenge when she bestowed the name on her son. Hermes is the god of travel, writing, athletics, and thievery, among many other things.

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Hermes Popularity

Famous People Named Hermes

  • Hermes Trismegistuspurported Greek founder of hermeticism
  • Hermes FrancaBrazilian UFC fighter
  • Hermes PanAmerican choreographer for dancer Fred Astaire
  • Hermes da Fonsecaformer president of Brazil
  • Hermes Binnerformer governor of Santa Fe, Argentina
  • Hermesmentioned in Paul's epistle to the Romans (16:14)

Hermes in Pop Culture

  • HermesGreek god of travel, thievery, medicine.
  • Hermesmain character in "Quicksilver" by Stephanie Spinner
  • Hermes Conradcharacter in the animated series "Futurama"
  • HermesFrench luxury brand
  • Hermes (Jesse) Katsopolischaracter on "Full House"
  • Hermesgreek god, character in "Percy Jackson"