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Gender: Male Meaning of Zebedee: "gift of God" Origin of Zebedee: English variation of Hebrew Zebediah

The name Zebedee is a boy's name meaning "gift of God". Zebedee and is often added to lists like Unique Boy Names: Unusual and Rare and discussed in our forums with posts like "GP or usable?".

From the experts:

Zebedee is an adorable and unusual New Testament name--which may sound like but is not a contradiction in terms. Unlike some of the longer biblical Z-names, Zebedee has a more lighthearted usability, with its gleeful ee-ending. And Zeb makes a fabulous nickname.

In the New Testament, Zebedee plays the major role of the fisherman father of two disciples, James and John, and was with his sons mending his fishing nets when they were called by Christ.

The name was popularized in the U.K. by a jack-in-the-box puppet named Zebedee on an early kids' TV show, The Magic Roundabout.

Zebedee Jones is a contemporary British painter.

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Famous People Named Zebedee

Zebedee, Biblical father of James and John
Zebedee "Zeb" Soanes, English radio presenter
Zebedee E. Cliff, American architect
Zebedee Coltrin, American Mormon leader
Zebedee Jones, English painter
Zebedee B. Armstrong, American calendar artist

Pop Culture References for the name Zebedee

Zebedee Tugwell, character in "Springhaven" by R.D. Blackmore
Zebedee, character in British children's series "TUGS"
Zebedee, jack-in-the-box in British series "The Magic Roundabout" ("Doogal" in the U.S.)

Zebadee, Zebedy


soupmaven Says:


Zebedee doo dah, zebedee ay

paulapuddephatt Says:


Love that this name is listed, but I wouldn't *exactly* say that, here in the UK, it was made popular by the Magic Roundabout character. Along with Dougal, it has been made, in practical terms, not useable here. I would guess that Florence has taken longer to revive also, due to that programme. The name Zebedee is enjoyed here, but not actually given to kids. I do really like it, though. 😃

headintheclouds Says:


Really fun-sounding unusual biblical name, certainly a far cry from standard classics like Joseph, James, Mary. Zebedee sounds alliterative and lighthearted while still retaining a stalwart gravitas. The nickname Zeb also makes it a lot more appealing and accessible. However, I think Zebedee would still be a tough name to pull off IRL, and would be best as an unexpected stylish middle, paired with a shorter more sensible first name!
(+ Zebedee brings to mind that Disney zipadeedoodah song xD really has a catchy ring to it)

autumnreverie Says:


Sounds like the noise Porky Pig makes.

caetano Says:


Its a fun name

jordalini Says:


this makes me think of King DeeDeeDee every time I see it. Super Smash Bros.