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Gender: F Pronunciation: yah-ehl Meaning of Yael: "to ascend" Origin of Yael: Hebrew

Yael is an Old Testament name often heard in Israel that could work well here: just remember that it's pronounced with two syllables...it is also spelled Ya'el. In the Bible she was a Kenite woman in the time of Deborah who killed the enemy general, Sisera.

Famous People Named Yael

Yael Naim, Israeli-French singer
Yael Friedman Averbuch, American soccer player
Yael Stone, Australian actress
Yael Grobglas, Israeli actress
Yael Meyer, American singer-songwriter
Yael Markovich, Israeli model and beauty queen
Yael Cohen Braun, Canadian anti-cancer activist

Pop Culture References for the name Yael

Yael Baron, character on TV's 'Degrassi'
Yael, Hebrew name of U.S. First Daughter Ivanka Trump
Yael, character on TV's UnREAL

Yale, Yaella, Jael, Yaalit, Yaalat, Yaala, Yaeli, Yeela, Yeala