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Gender: F Pronunciation: yah-ehl Meaning of Yael: "to ascend" Origin of Yael: Hebrew

Yael is an Old Testament name often heard in Israel that could work well here: just remember that it's pronounced with two syllables...it is also spelled Ya'el. In the Bible she was a Kenite woman in the time of Deborah who killed the enemy general, Sisera.

Famous People Named Yael

Yael Naim, Israeli-French singer
Yael Friedman Averbuch, American soccer player
Yael Stone, Australian actress
Yael Grobglas, Israeli actress
Yael Meyer, American singer-songwriter
Yael Markovich, Israeli model and beauty queen
Yael Cohen Braun, Canadian anti-cancer activist

Pop Culture References for the name Yael

Yael Baron - Character on 'Degrassi'

Yale, Yaella, Jael, Yaalit, Yaalat, Yaala, Yaeli, Yeela, Yeala