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Gender: Male Meaning of Weston: "from the western town" Origin of Weston: English Weston's Popularity in 2017: #109

The name Weston is a boy's name of English origin meaning "from the western town". Weston is ranked #109 on our popularity charts and is often added to lists like Cool Cowboy Baby Names and discussed in our forums with posts like "Name Association Game".

From the experts:

Weston has gone from being a Jane Austenish British surname to a first name with a relaxed American western cowboy feel. Along with other trendy 'n'-ending boys’ names, Weston is rising in popularity, and is now more popular than ever. Weston also has a glimmer of creative appeal via its connection to the great photographer Edward Weston. Nicolas Cage chose Weston for his son back in 1990, when it was much more unusual; The Office's Jenna Fischer used it for her baby more recently. Cousin name Easton is even more popular.

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Famous People Named Weston

Weston Andrew Valleau Price, American dentist and researcher
Weston Edward "Wes" Vivian, U.S. Congressman from Michigan
Ezra Weston Loomis Pound, American poet
(Raoul) Weston La Barre, American anthropologist
Weston "Seth" Kelsey, American fencer
(Alexander) Weston Jarvis, British MP and soldier
Weston Henry Stewart, Anglican Archdeacon
Weston Ochse, American novelist
Weston Miller Fulton, American meteorologist
Weston Woollard Adams, American hockey executive
Weston "Wes" Lunt, American NFL player
Weston Burt, American country music singer
Weston Dressler, Canadian CFL player
Weston DuPree, American drummer of band Eisley
Weston Lewis Gosa, American reality TV personality ("16 and Pregnant")
Porter Weston Robinson, American electronic music producer
Weston Coppola Cage (b. 1990), son of actor Nicolas Cage
Weston Robert Yount (b. 2006), son of newscaster Erica Hill
Weston Owen Gosa Jr., (b. 2009), son of Whitney Purvis and Weston Gosa of TV's "16 and Pregnant"
Weston Lee Kirk (b. 2011), son of actress Jenna Fischer

Pop Culture References for the name Weston

Michael Weston, character on "Burn Notice"

Westen, Westin, Westan, Westyn


tjohnson924 Says:


My son's name is Weston. I knew someone that had the name years ago and I always had it in the back of my mind as a favorite. Luckily my husband agreed! I love/hate the popularity it's gaining because I love the uniqueness of it. He gets mistaken for Winston all the time!

pam Says:


Very cute

Liadee Says:


This is my almost 5 yr olds name and I love it! We wanted something different but not hard to spell/understand, and Weston fit the bill perfectly. We've gotten so many compliments on it over the years. I'm personally not a fan of Wes as a nn, but his uncle calls him westie on occasion, and I don't hate it



My 9yr old is Weston and still so in love with his name. He prefers Weston over Wes or West, but I still call him West from time to time. His middle name is Lee so he could have the option of Weslee as well, but he hates "Wesley"

West Says:


this is our son's name...we adopted him as a newborn from CA and having always liked the name, we also loved the Scripture reference in Isaiah 43:5 about God gathering his children from the east and the west. So this name was perfect for our 'son from the west'.

headintheclouds Says:


I like Weston much more than the similarly direction-themed Easton, mainly due to the breezy and cool nickname Wes. Otherwise it's a typical nice-enough surname name, not my cup of tea but objectively I think it's alright. With both Weston and Easton, my main association is that my mind always reads the names as "west on" and "east on", like someone is giving an order to go west or go east!

Rush1986 Says:


I prefer this to Easton. Still like both but this has better nick names.

rovako Says:


<--- This is Lennox. We named his little brother Weston. Love em both.

countrygrl715 Says:


Weston is my son's name and I love it. I call him West for short and almost 5 years later I still adore it.