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Gender: M

German variation of Ulric.

Variation of Alaric

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Famous People Named Ulrich

Ulrich of Augsburg, first canonized saint
Ulrich, Duke of Württemberg
Ulrich Zwingli, Swiss reformer
Ulrich, Duke of Mecklenburg
Ulrich Schnauss, German techno musician
Ulrich Wild, Swiss-American record producer
Ulrich von Wilamowitz-Moellendorff, German classical philologist
(Karl Emil Julius) Ulrich Salchow, Swedish figure skater, originator of the salchow jump
Ulrich Thomsen, Danish actor
(Friedrich Hans) Ulrich Mühe, German actor
Ulrich "Rick" Fox, Canadian basketball player

Pop Culture References for the name Ulrich

Johann Ulrich Voss, fictional 'German explorer in Australia, 1845' in Voss (1957) by Patrick White
Sir Ulrich von Liechtenstein, alias of character in the movie "A Knight's Tale"
Ulrich Stern, character in TV series "Code Lyoko"
Ulrich, character in movie "Dragonslayer"
Ulrich, character in Robert Musil's "The Man Without Qualities"
Ulrich von Gradwitz, character in Saki's short story 'The Interlopers"