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Gender: Female

The name Tigerlily is a girl's name . Tigerlily and is often added to lists like Fictional Princess Names and discussed in our forums with posts like "Picky Parents BNG".

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Famous People Named Tigerlily

(Heavenly Hiraani) Tiger Lily Geldof, biological daughter of singer Michael Hutchence and Paula Yates, adopted daughter of singer Bob Geldof
Tigerlily Tamara Kabishi Hill, Caymanian fashion designer and TV personality
DJ Tigerlily, stage name of Dara Kristen Hayes, Australian DJ
Tigerlily Taylor, an English fashion model and daughter of Roger Taylor and Debbie Leng

Pop Culture References for the name Tigerlily

Tigerlily, character in Disney's "Peter Pan"
Tiger Lily, character from the Rupert Bear comics
Tiger Lily White aka Bubbles, character in film "Dance, Girl, Dance"
Dr. Berenice "Tigerlily" Jones, character in webcomic Skin Horse by Jeffrey Wells and Shaenon Garrity
"Tigerlily," album by Natalie Merchant


FractalShadow Says:


People are allowed to have opinions. And if parents-to-be are looking at the comments section of a baby name website, they probably want people's honest opinions. So I don't think ambg was being rude.

stellarvra99 Says:


Being rude as hell!

Wittyusername103 Says:


For any parents considering this name go for it. It's really pretty. I actually knew a girl named Tiger Lea and she never got teased. And if worst comes to worst and she doesn't like it she can change it to Lily with almost no issues with adjustment.

Fluffykitten101 Says:


I've recently discovered this hidden gem of a name. The meaning of Tigerlily is very interesting: Tiger (fierce, predator, fearless) and lily (delicate, dainty, beautiful) contrast in so many ways but demonstrates what women should think themselves as: brave like a tiger and sweet like a lily.

As a name, I prefer it in the middle name spot but if you are daring enough to use this beautiful name as a first name (which I recommend) then go ahead. Tigerlily could be shortened to Lily, which is simple and elegant and almost teaseproof, so it is definitely an option if your daughter wants to blend in.

katinka Says:


I secretly love this name! I think it sounds sweet, spunky and sassy, though I don't think I'd ever have the guts to use it. If I did, I'd call her Tiger or Tig/Tiggy for short, not Lily.

Tia813 Says:


I like the name tigerlily and I think Lily is a bit too common of a nickname or name

hollyannabell Says:


Do you think Tigerlily is wearable or do you get teased too much?

gfdt Says:


hey, my name is Tigerlily and I think that is a bit rude as I am not named after the character I am named after the flower in Singapore. so basically the word Tigerlily has other meanings ( not just that one )...

ambg Says:


Way too twee outside of Peter Pan. Just name your kid Lily and let this be your cute nickname for her if you're that attached to the character.