Plant and color name

Fuchsia Origin and Meaning

The name Fuchsia is a girl's name .

A plausible color name, it was chosen by the singer Sting as a middle name for his daughter, after a character in the Gormenghast fantasy trilogy, of which he's a big fan.

Famous People Named Fuchsia

  • Fuchsia DunlopEnglish chef and cookery author
  • Fuchsia Katherine Sumnerdaughter of musician Sting

Fuchsia in Pop Culture

  • Fuchsia Groancharacter in Mervyn Peake's Gormenghast series
  • Fuchsiaone of The Devil Girls, character in webcomic Sinfest
  • Fuchsiaplant with brilliant pink blossoms, named for the German botanist Leonhard Fuchs