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Gender: Female Meaning of Tia: "aunt" Origin of Tia: Spanish

The name Tia is a girl's name of Spanish origin meaning "aunt". Tia and is often added to lists like Pixar Baby Names and discussed in our forums with posts like "Quick Question Thread?!".

From the experts:

Not as popular as Mia -- a plus if you're seeking a short and pretty but less common name.

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Famous People Named Tia

Tia Carrere (born Althea Rae Janairo), American actress
Tia Dashon Mowry, American actress, twin of sister Tamera Darvette Mowry
TiA, Japanese singer
Tia Texada, American actress
Tia Charlaine Walker, American fashion blogger
Tia Shorts, Miss Maryland USA 2004
Tia Paschal, American pro basketball player
Tia Neiva, Brazilian medium
Tia Lessin, American documentary filmmaker
Tia Kar, singer and contestant on TV's "Indian Idol 5"
Tia Hellebaut, Belgian Olympic high jumper
Tia Fuller, American saxophonist
Tia Lynn Ballard, American voice actress
Twinkle "Tia" Bajpai, Indian actress and singer
Tia, ancient Egyptian princess of the 19th dynasty
Tia-Clair Toomey, Australian weightlifter and CrossFit Games athlete

Pop Culture References for the name Tia

Tia Andrea Landry, character on TV's "Sister, Sister;" played by Tia Mowry
Tia Baye, a main character in "Hold Tight" by Harlan Coben
Tia Tamos, character in "Does My Head Look Big in This?" by Randa Abdel-Fattah
Tia Malone, character in movie "Escape to Witch Mountain"
Tia Oumi, character in anime/manga "Zatch Bell!"
Tia Russell, character from the film "Uncle Buck"
Tia, character in the French animated series "Galactik Football"
Tia Dalma, mystic Caribbean soothsayer from the Pirates of the Caribbean film series
Portia "Tia" Halston-Cain, character in Elise Noble's Blackwood Security series

Tiana, Tiara, Thia


Misstwinkle74 Says:


Tia is also Greek for goddess/godly. My daughter's name is Tia-Leigh.

paulapuddephatt Says:


I'm absolutely loving Tia. I definitely feel that this name is strong and beautiful enough to be an independent name, but as someone who tends to enjoy longer names - particularly in the case of female names - well, I would guess that Tia is going to be one I could make use of as a nickname. It's strange that I noticed how similar the sound was to "tier", and "tear", as in crying - and that actually made me love the name even more. I would guess that "Tia in tears" would seem sad or depressing to many, and put them off, and sorry if I actually have put anyone off. For my own part, it makes me love the name more. Maybe it's because I tend to be a very emotional person myself, and I see tears as healthy and natural. I know, this is a very long comment, given that Tia manages to convey so much in only three letters. Anyway, this name is wonderful. 😃 💝 Xxx

Thepandaprincess223 Says:


I cannot see why having a name meaning Aunty is a bad thing. Tia as well as being a pretty name is a great way to honour her Aunty if you don't like her name. Mia is very popular as parents who like the -ia ending names may well pick Tia because Mia as said earlier is popular and the name Pia has a lot of teasing potential. Gia Via and Xia are other options but none sound quite as nice as Tia.

foreverharriet Says:


I know a Tia, and its a cute name on her (helps we don't live in a Spanish speaking area though!)

snowsbeloved Says:


My actual aunt is Maria. We call her Tia Maria. It's hard for me to not like your name :)

Zelliew Says:


Funny !

SimoneKadele Says:


As a Spanish speaker, I am telling you- if you want a Mia alternative, try Pia. "Aunt"? Really?

scblovesnames Says:


Better leave this alone. Its pretty but no.

Tia Says:


My name is Tia Maria, I have always hated it, I lived in Spain when I was young and was mocked for the translation "auntie", and when I moved back to England for high school and then work, everyone I have met has laughed and said I was named after alcohol. I love the Greek origin as I love the Greek gods, however I hate the name it's self, it is not the drink that bothers me, it is the name Tia. I am changing my name through deed poll.

kitchi1 Says:


This is my name. I really don't like so many annoying nicknames that I didn't like. I have confused many Spanish speakers and the fact that I have a Panamanian family, and my name is Tia, makes me feel kind of stupid. When I'm trying to make myself like my name, I keep telling myself Tia Carrere in Wayne's World and the Egyptian Princess...