Jada Origin and Meaning

The name Jada is a girl's name of Spanish origin meaning "jade".

Long used in Spanish-speaking countries, this strong but feminine name was jump-started here by the rise of actress Jada Pinkett Smith. The Italian Giada is a popular variation. In the Bible, the name Jada was borne by a man and has a different root and meaning: It's Hebrew and means "he knows".

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Jada Popularity

Famous People Named Jada

  • Jada Koren Pinkett SmithAmerican actress
  • Jada RowlandAmerican actress
  • Jada FireAmerican adult film actress
  • Jada Li (b. 2003)daughter of actor Jet Li
  • Jada Bettis (b. 2006)daughter of NFL player Jerome Bettis
  • Jada Smith (b. 2008)daughter of rugby league player Cameron Smith
  • Jada Elle Lynch (b. 2008)daughter of athletes Brian Lynch and Kim Clijsters
  • Jada Love Bega (b. 2009)daughter of singer Lou Bega
  • Jada Marie Willis (b. 2010)12th child (8th daughter) of family band, The Willis Clan
  • Jada Valentina Karlovic (b. 2011)daughter of tennis player Ivo Karlovic
  • Jada Stevens (b. 1988) adult film actress