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Gender: F Meaning of Suzanne: "lily" Origin of Suzanne: French variation of Susan

Suzanne became popular along with Susan but has just dropped out of the Top 1,000. Wait a generation (or two) in the US, though in France Suzanne is once again tres chic.

Famous People Named Suzanne

Suzanne Nadine Vega, American singer-songwriter
Suzanne Marie Somers, American actress
Suzanne Marie Collins, American novelist
Suzanne M. Malveaux, American TV journalist
Suzanne Lenglen, French tennis player
Suzanne M. Kosma, U.S. Congresswoman from Florida

Pop Culture References for the name Suzanne

Suzanne Sugarbaker, character on TV's "Designing Women"
Suzanne Ashworth, character on British soap "Hollyoaks"
Suzanne Kingston-Persons, character in movie "Are We There Yet?"
Suzanne "Crazy Eyes" Warren, character on TV's "Orange is the New Black"
Suzanne Sanders, minor character on TV's "7th Heaven"
Suzanne Locke, character in "Katie Kazoo, Switcheroo!" by Nancy E. Krulik
"Suzanne," song by Leonard Cohen

Susanne, Susanna, Suesana, Zannie, Suzzanne, Zanne, Suzane, Suzette, Suzannah