Donna Origin and Meaning

The name Donna is a girl's name of Italian origin meaning "lady".

Literally meaning "lady" in Italian, Donna was the perfect ladylike housewife mom name on The Donna Reed Show in the fifties and sixties. And there were plenty of namesakes: Donna was in the Top 10 in 1964. These days we'd be more likely to associate it with the emanciatpated clothes of Donna Karen than as a baby name.

Though it seems to have a midcentury date stamp, Donna goes back to at least the late nineteenth century, reaching the Top 100 in 1926 and the Top 20 in the 1940s. In 1960, Donna was the fifth most popular name in the United States. Off the charts now, Donna is still remebered as the subject/object of many pop songs, and via the Queen of Disco, Donna Summer,and current bestselling author Donna Tartt.

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Famous People Named Donna

  • Donna Reed (born Donna Belle Mullenger)American actress
  • Donna Douglas (born Doris Ione Smith)American actress
  • LaDonna "Donna" SummerAmerican disco singer
  • Donna Ivy (Faske) KaranAmerican fashion designer
  • Donna Lynn DixonAmerican actress
  • Donna LorenAmerican singer and actress
  • Donna PescowAmerican actress
  • Donna LeonAmerican novelist
  • Donna Ares (born Azra Kolakovic)Bosnian singer
  • Donna VekićCroatian tennis player
  • Donna Jean Thatcher GodchauxAmerican singer formerly of The Grateful Dead
  • Donna Edna Shalalaformer U.S. Secretary of Health & Human Services
  • Donna MurphyAmerican actress and singer
  • Donna TarttAmerican novelist
  • Donna BrazileAmerican author, academic, and political analyst; Democratic party leader
  • Donna Longmusician in Irish,American group Cherish the Ladies
  • Donna D'Errico(b. 1968) America actress, model, appeared on Baywatch,

Donna in Pop Culture

  • Donna Paulsencharacter from TV's "Suits"
  • Donna Pinciotticharacter from TV's "That 70's Show"
  • Donna Noblecharacter from TV's "Doctor Who"
  • Donnacharacter in Spider,Man comics
  • Donnatella "Donna" Mosscharacter from TV's "The West Wing"
  • Donna Haywardcharacter on TV's "Twin Peaks"
  • Donna Troy aka Wonder GirlDC Universe character
  • Donna Nance aka Black SirenDC Universe character
  • Donna Meaglecharacter from "Parks and Recreation"
  • Donnacharacter from 2008 movie "Prom Night"
  • Donna Jo "D.J." Tannercharacter on TV's "Full House"
  • The DonnasAmerican all,girl punk band
  • "I See Donna Everywhere"song by band "Too Much Joy"
  • Donna Cherryfrom the movie "Jericho Mansions"
  • "Donna" 1958 hit song by Ritchie Valens
  • Donna Winstoncharacter from TV's "Sons of Anarchy"
  • Donna Sheridancharacter from Mamma Mia
  • Donna UnderwoodNoah's mom in Carl Hiaasen's "Flush"
  • Donna Jacksoncharacter on British TV series "Holby City"
  • Donna Freedmancharacter on Australian soap "Neighbours"
  • Donna Martincharacter from "Beverly Hills 90210"
  • Donna ParrTeague, character from "Sims" series
  • Donnacharacter from "Siren"
  • "Leaving Donna"a Vocaloid song by Empath,P, sung by the Vocaloid SeeU.