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Gender: F Meaning of Susie: "lily" Origin of Susie: Diminutive of Susan

In the 1950s and 60s, the name every little girl wanted for her very own.

Famous People Named Susie

Susie O'Neill, Australian Olympic swimmer
Susan Martha "Susie" McEntire, American Christian singer
Susie Feldman, American reality TV personality ("The Two Coreys")
Susannah "Susie" Bright, American "sexpert"
Susie Berning, American pro golfer
Susie Porter, Australian actress
Susie Ibarra, American composer
Susie Blake, English actress
Susie Castillo, Miss USA 2003
Susie Meister, American reality TV personality ("Road Rules" and "The Challenge")

Pop Culture References for the name Susie

Susie Salmon, main character in book/movie "The Lovely Bones"
Susie Bishop, main character in movie "Moonrise Kingdom"
Susie the Sorority Girl, character in Lily Tomlin's sketches
Susie Diamond, from the movie "The Fabulous Baker Boys"
Susie Carmichael, character in the animated TV series Rugrats and All Grown Up!
Susie Derkins, character in the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip
Susie Swanson, character on TV's "Family Guy"
Susie Price, character on British soap "EastEnders"
Susie Carter, character on British soap "Emmerdale"
Susie, character on British TV's "The Inbetweeners"
Susie, villain from the Kirby video games
"Susie Q," 1996 TV movie and its main character
"Wake Up Little Susie," song by the Everly Brothers
"Susie Q," song by Dale Hawkins
"Susie", song by Krokus from Painkiller
"Susie", song by John Lee Hooker from the album Mr. Lucky

Suzie, Zuzi, Suzy, Suzey, Zuzu, Siouxsie, Zuzie, Susey, Suzi, Suzee, Zuzy, Susy, Zuzey, Susi