Diminutive of Frances, English from Latin
"from France; free man"

Francie Origin and Meaning

The name Francie is a girl's name meaning "from France; free man".

Francie is one of the most neglected nicknames for Frances, despite having more style value than Franny and Fanny and being more unique than Frankie. We'd love to see it get more use, whether as a Frances short form or as an independent name.

You may recognize it as the name of Francie Nolan, the protagonist in Betty Smith's classic novel A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.

Famous People Named Francie

  • Francie SchwartzAmerican screenwriter and one,time girlfriend of musician Paul McCartney
  • Frances Anne "Francie" Larrieu SmithAmerican Olympic athlete
  • Frances Doretta "Francie" SwiftAmerican actress
  • Francea Norma "Francie" Kraker GoodridgeAmerican sprinter

Francie in Pop Culture

  • Mary Frances Katherine "Francie" Nolanmain character in "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" (1943) by Betty Smith
  • FrancieHugo Montmorency's wife in "The Last September" (1929) by Elizabeth Bowen
  • Francie Stevenscharacter in book/film "To Catch a Thief"
  • Francie FairchildBarbie's mod teenage cousin from England, the first Barbie doll to have real eyelashes and bendable knees.
  • Franciecharacter from the movie "The Art of The Steal"
  • Francie Calfocharacter on TV's "Alias"
  • Franciecharacter in comic "Pim & Francie" by Al Columbia