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Gender: F Origin of Sister: Word name

Sister is an old-timey nickname-name for girls, ranking in the Top 1000 as a proper name for girls until the beginning of the 20th century. But more often, Sister was used as a nickname in the truest sense of the word, not a short form ala Kathy but a nickname in the way that Chip and Bud are. Or maybe Junior is a more appropriate name analogy: Sister was sometimes the nickname given to the only girl in a family of boys, so literally a descriptive word name like Junior.

In the most recent year counted, Sister was given as a full name to zero baby girls in the US and was probably used in a casual way by not that many more.

Famous People Named Sister

Pop Culture References for the name Sister

Sister Bear, bear character in children's book series "The Berenstain Bears"
Twisted Sister, American rock band
Sister Hazel, American rock band
Sister Toni, character on TV's "The L Word"
Sister Sledge, American music group
"Sister Christian," song by Night Ranger
"Sister," 2012 Swiss film
Sister is a term for a nun.