Irish Gaelic
"god is gracious"

Siobhan Origin and Meaning

The name Siobhan is a girl's name of Irish origin meaning "god is gracious".
Siobhan is the Irish variation of Joan, which is derived from the ancient Anglo-Norman name Jehanne. In this way Siobhan is indirectly related to the name Sinead—the Irish form of Jeannette, which also derived from Jehanne—although Sinead is not a nickname for Siobhan. Siobhan was the name of several early Irish queens and was introduced to the American public by the actress Siobhan McKenna.

Siobhan is a lovely Irish name which has spawned many Anglicized variations, but using the original form preserves the integrity of one of the most beautiful Irish girls' names.

There have been a wide variety of fictional Siobhans, from a Detective Sergeant in the John Rebus novels to a vampire in Stephenie Meyers's Breaking Dawn to a character in J. K. Rowling's The Casual Vacancy.

Siobhan Popularity

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Famous People Named Siobhan

  • Siobhán McKenna (born Siobhán Giollamhuire Nic Cionnaith)Irish actress
  • Siobhán Emma DonaghyEnglish singer of group The Sugababes
  • Siobhán Máire Deirdre FaheyIrish musician of group Bananarama
  • Siobhan Evelyn MagnusAmerican pop singer ("American Idol")
  • Siobhan VivianAmerican children's author
  • Siobhan McCollSouth African figure skater
  • Siobhán "Vonny" MoyesScottish journalist
  • Siobhan Fallon HoganAmerican actress
  • Siobhan FlynnWelsh actress
  • Siobhan FinneranEnglish actress
  • Siobhan RedmondScottish actress
  • Siobhan HeekinCanedy, American,Ukrainian ice dancer
  • Siobhan DaviesBritish dancer and choreographer
  • Siobhan DowdBritish children's novelist
  • (Jessica) Kelly Siobhán ReillyEnglish actress
  • Siobhan Eganmember of an Irish,American music group Cherish The Ladies
  • Siobhan Rebecca ChamberlainEnglish football player

Siobhan in Pop Culture

  • Siobhan ClarkeDetective Sergeant in Ian Rankin's John Rebus novels
  • Siobhannomadic vampire in the Twilight Series
  • Siobhan Martinone of the twins on "Ringer"
  • Siobhan Sadler / Mrs. Scharacter in sci,fi series Orphan Black
  • Siobhanteacher in "The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night,Time"
  • Siobhan McKennacharacter on American soap "General Hospital"
  • Siobhan Maileycharacter on British TV series "Waterloo Road"
  • Siobhan Smythe aka Silver BansheeCharacter from Superman/Supergirl comics
  • Siobhan Sharpecharacter on British TV series "Twenty Twelve"
  • Siobhan Kellydeputy on TV's "Banshee"
  • Siobhan Brodymother of Roarke in J. D. Robb's In Death series series
  • SiobhanCharacter in the book "Anya's Ghost"
  • Siobhan Teteryacharacter in the webcomic "Riverside Extras" by Miri Chamberlain
  • SiobhanCharacter in 'Beneath the Blonde' by Stella Duffy

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