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Gender: Female Meaning of Simone: "hearkening" Origin of Simone: French, feminine variation of Hebrew Simon Simone's Popularity in 2019: #714

Simone Origin and Meaning

The name Simone is a girl's name of French origin meaning "hearkening".

Simone, the elegant French feminization of Simon, strikes that all-important balance between unusual and familiar, and it's oozing with Gallic sophistication. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has a daughter named Simone; Chris Rock used it in the middle place for his daughter, as did Kevin Kline and Phoebe Cates

Two French philosophers are notable bearers of the name: feminist icon Simone de Beauvoir, author of the influential The Second Sex, and Simone Weil. The name might get a bit of a bounce via the two young Simones who shone in the 2016 Rio Olympics--Simone Bile, who set a US record high of four medals in a single Olympics, and Simone Manuel, who became the first African-American female swimmer to bring home a gold.

The actress who played the lead in the iconic French horror movie Cat People is Simone Simon.

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Rank in US: #714

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Simone's International Variations

Ximenia, Ximene (Basque) Simona, Simonetta (Italian) Cimona, Jimena (Spanish) Simonette (French)


Bundesfrau Says:


Simone - with the "e" at the end - is an average name in German speaking countries. I love it.

TechnoKitten Says:


i can only see sim one....reminds me of the sims

Violet_Rose Says:


I like it in theory but as an american who isn't as accustomed to it, makes me think of a girl scout cookie.. still pretty in theory though but I wouldn't use it myself

simone Says:


I love the name. When i was little it was Simmy, or Moanie. When I grew up It's Simone. Perfect name

danirose01 Says:


It's funny you say that. I do happen to really like Simon, outside of its popularity. But I much prefer Simona to Simone.

paulapuddephatt Says:


I didn't used to like it, but it's growing on me. It's uncommon but familiar. I think I prefer Simona, nn Mona. I'm not a huge fan of Simon either, although I do like it - just not a name that has ever been a favourite of mine, for some reason.

danirose01 Says:


I went to school with a girl named Simone in elementary school. To this day, she's the only one I've ever met. Her name always stuck out to me as really matronly for a kid. It's one of those that fits on a grown woman, but seems clunky on a young girl (especially since it lacks good child-friendly nicknames). Simi, eh. Mona, not really. Mo, cute but kind of a stretch.

SBR Says:


That's what I thought. It's hard to pronounce Simone with emphasis on the first syllable

SBR Says:


I should look the series up, thanks for the tip!

breprih Says:


It's super feminine!

breprih Says:


Love this name! If I have a girl I plan to name her Simone Angeline!

Giinkies Says:


This is a winning US Olympic name with Biles getting gold for gymnastics and Manuel getting gold for swimming.

Nozomi Says:


I like it pronounced sim-OWN.... Isn't that how it's pronounced?

Michaela Says:


This strikes me as a very severe, no-nonsense name. For example, I could picture a headmistress of a boarding school being named Simone.

Evagen Says:


It's pronounced See-Moan, not Sigh-Mun

disqus_talker Says:


Too masculine for my taste. It reads simon with or without an 'e' at the end.

West Says:


my younger sister's name is Simone Abigail, when small she was called Mona-Gail

TaliaCat Says:


I love this name!!

SimoneKadele Says:


This is my French name. :)

indiefendi2 Says:


This name is too "grown" to me. It's hard to imagine it on a little kid. Very elegant though.

lollipop33 Says:


I want to tell you all that when I was in 5th grade I read a Dear American Series book and the main character had the name Simone. From that moment.10 year old I knew that I would have to give this name to my daughter and I am sure that I will in the far future. I LOVE Simone and it is in my number one girl names for three to four years! My gorgeous combo is Simone Ines.

Zoey_Artemisia Says:


I know a Simone who goes by Mona.

Guest Says:


This is my dad's middle name. I think this should be my future daughter's middle, I love it! It's very chic.

Mona Says:


I was called Simone after my dad (Simon) and my brother (Simeon) was named after me. :)

Laura Says:


Simone= definition of swagger

leonoras Says:


Just make sure you pronounce it with a French accent. syme-OWN, not SYM-on

Poppy Says:


What confuses me a bit is that Simone is a feminized version of Simon that is still considered a boys name in some places. How does that make any sense? But besides that, it is an elegant name. Almost regal. It reminds me of a queen in a white dress. Maybe a bit too mature for a little girl, but then again, they could always go by Simmy or Monie.