Korean; Hindi; Arabic; African
"this world's beauty or grace; army; to praise; bringing heaven to earth"

Sena Origin and Meaning

The name Sena is a girl's name of Arabic, Hindi, African origin meaning "this world's beauty or grace; army; to praise; bringing heaven to earth".
Sena is one of those names that is as obscure in the Western World as it is simple and straightforward. Sena exists as a name in a range of languages and cultures and may be pronounced like Senna (with a soft e) or Sienna. Sena is also a place name, a surname, the name of several groups of people, and the name of a genus of moth as well as a kind of wine, among other things. The similar Cinna from The Hunger Games may make Sena more plausible as a first name.

Sena Popularity

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Famous People Named Sena

  • Sena HussainCanadian lead singer of rock band Secret Trial Five
  • Sena JurinacBosnian,Austrian operatic soprano
  • Sena Wendell AcolatseAmerican male ice hockey player
  • Sena Inamimale Japanese football player
  • Sena Jeter NaslundAmerican writer

Sena in Pop Culture

  • Sena KobayakawaJapanese anime character
  • Sena Izumicharacter from manga 'Love Stage!!'