Variation of Selena or Celine
"moon goddess"

Selina Origin and Meaning

The name Selina is a girl's name.
The Selina spelling swims just below the Top 1000, within 20 babies of reaching the US popularity list. Selena and even Celine are much more popular, but the Selina spelling is used for the Julia Louis-Dreyfus character on Veep and is also the spelling used by Catwoman alter-ego Selina Kaye. While Selina looks as if it might be pronounced sel-eye-na and undoubtedly is by some bearers, its proper pronunciation is sel-ee-na.

Selina Popularity

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Famous People Named Selina

  • Selina HastingsCountess of Huntingdon, Scottish religious leader
  • Selina DolaroEnglish stage actress
  • Isobel Selina "Belle" Miller KuhnCanadian missionary to China
  • Selina GasparinSwiss Olympic biathlete
  • Selina Mary ScottEnglish TV presenter
  • Selina Chow (born Liang Shukyee), Hong Kong politician and broadcaster
  • Selina Jen (born Jen ChiaHsüan), Taiwanese singer of girl group S.H.E.
  • Selina CadellEnglish actress
  • Selina Majors aka BambiAmerican pro wrestler

Selina in Pop Culture

  • Selina Catherine MeyerU.S. Vice President on TV's "Veep"
  • Selina Kyle aka Catwomancharacter in the Batman series
  • Selinacharacter in "Love is Innocent" by Barbara Cartland
  • Selinacharacter in "A Gamble with Hearts" by Barbara Cartland
  • Selina Placea local witch (a.k.a. the Morrigan or Shape,shifter) in Alan Garner's "The Weirdstone of Brisingamen"
  • Selina Robertsa character in 'Home and Away'.