kass-ANN-drah; kass-AHN-drah
Original spelling of Cassandra
"shining or excelling man"

Kassandra Origin and Meaning

The name Kassandra is a girl's name of Greek origin.

Kassandra is actually the original form of Cassandra (Greek names do not have Cs), though most will see it as a Kardashianization, which is a shame! As you might expect, the C currently charts higher. Still, Kassandra can lead to all sorts of cute nicknames, such as Kassie, Kass, and Sandy.

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Famous People Named Kassandra

  • Kassandra ClementiAustralian actress

Kassandra in Pop Culture

  • Kassandra Rangel Arocha aka Andreina Arocha de Rangelmain character in "Kassandra," Venezuelan telenovela