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Gender: Female Origin of Scout: Word name

The name Scout is a girl's name . Scout and is often added to lists like Attitude Names for Girls and discussed in our forums with posts like "Baby a Day".

From the experts:

Scout, a character nickname from To Kill a Mockingbird (her real name was Jean Louise), became a real-life possibility when Bruce Willis and Demi Moore used it for their now grown middle daughter, followed by Tom Berenger a few years later. A unisex choice that is growing in popularity for both genders -- but given to girls about four times more often than to boys -- it was picked by skater Tai Babilonia for her son and Kerri Walsh for her daughter Scout Margery.

It makes a virtuous, upstanding choice for a girl--a good scout. And though it hasn't made it onto any popularity lists, it's gone from slightly eccentric to mainstream.

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Famous People Named Scout

Scout Taylor-Compton (born Desariee Starr Compton), American actress
Emma Louise "Scout" Niblett, American singer-songwriter
Scout LaRue Willis (b. 1991), daughter of actors Bruce Willis and Demi Moore
Scout Riley Berenger (b. 1998), daughter of actor Tom Berenger
Scout Elizabeth Crook (b. 2007), daughter of actor Mackenzie Crook
Scout Margery Jennings (b. 2013), daughter of beach volleyball player Kerri Walsh Jennings
Scout Edie Stewart (b. 2012), daughter of actors James Stewart and Jessica Marais
(Florence) Scout Rosie Heap-Lebor (b. 2014), daughter of singer Imogen Heap
Bowden Sainte-Claire "Scout" Ponder (b. 2015), daughter of NFL player Christian Ponder and sports reporter Samantha Ponder
Scout Una Denyer (b. 2015), daughter of TV presenter Grant Denyer
Sawyer Scout Pileggi (b. 1998), daughter of actor Mitch Pileggi
Natalia Scout Lee Stafford (b. 2009), daughter of actress Michelle Stafford

Pop Culture References for the name Scout

Jean Louise "Scout" Finch, narrator of Harper Lee's 'To Kill a Mockingbird'
Jodie "Scout" Allen, character on British TV series "Waterloo Road"
Scout Thomas, character on TV series "Romantically Challenged"



clairels Says:


I agree. I feel the same way about Clementine and Olive. These are not names meant for an adult who isn't a celebrity or a conceptual artist.

SouthernPeach Says:


I know two little girls named Scout! One's first name is Scout, and the other's name is Lillian Scout, but she goes by Scout. I love it!

aspiring author Says:


I honestly really like this name! I just have a bit of a hard time seeing it as like, an adult over 30. I can imagine a Scout as a baby, toddler, elementry school kid, teenager, young adult, and even a senior, which is strange, just not on a middle aged adult.

FutureMommyTo5 Says:


I knew a girl named Scout. Shes about 15 and wears it well. She's super nice, a great artist and very pretty. Her parents named her scout s\cause her brothers name was Hunter.

cabosanmucus Says:


I never liked To Kill A Mockingbird, (and I don't even like Harper as a name, I like her first name Nelle) but I still like Scout. I think it's cute. What with Maverick being a popular name for boys it's a happy medium...

EW314 Says:


This is a massive GP of mine!

I'd never dare use it except perhaps in the middle, plus it would stick out like a sore thumb among all the other names I like, but it'd make such a cute nickname for an adventurous little girl.

priviledgedpistachios Says:


I love this name as a nickname for something more formal. Jean Louise might be a bit too much for a little girl, so Scout was good when she was younger

Zelliew Says:


Not a fan of Scout

FreaksLikeMe Says:


i love the name Scout first heard it from the actor Scout Taylor Compton

alexandramae Says:


children's and young adult books are usually the ones that shape you and change some aspect of your life growing up. I grew up in a mostly white, middle class town - required reading in school is where I first was introduced to classism and racism. Nothing I've read as an adult has come close to the closeness I feel to some books I read as a child and teen.

steampunkleo Says:


So? They are still literary names. You're not better than someone because you've read more books than them.

clairels Says:


Most of the people who use these names have never read it either, so I wouldn't worry.

clairels Says:


I love how whenever anybody talks about how they love "literary names" they're invariably all from either children's books or required high school reading.

chibiyui Says:


Because nothing says " I haven't read To Kill a Mockingbird since middle school" Like naming your daughter Scout.

Plutophelia Says:


you don't like to kill a mockingbird? BOOOOOOOOO (radley) you!

SoDallas3 Says:


Cute nickname, but I could never use it as a given name. The same with others like Buddy and Sailor.

madmaddie Says:


Not on a human.

SparkleNinja18 Says:


I would love this as a nickname. Can't say I'm a fan of Jean Louise though lol. I read To Kill a Mockingbird this year for English.

neworleans Says:


Just name her Jean Louise...

Guest Says:


I never liked the book but this name has been on my mind lately for a character I'm writing. Scout will be her nickname. I find this name adorable.

Guest Says:


That's cute.

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


I honestly can't see this aging well I can imagine a toddller or elementary school kid named Scout but not a teen or adult. Probably best as a nickname.

Guest Says:


this has been growing on me but I don't think I'd use it as a real name, perhaps a nickname.

kitchi1 Says:



DearestJules Says:


Yes, but Scout from Scarlett is a bit of a stretch, don't you think?

fflurdelis Says:


I love this, but I'm not sure if i'd use it as a full name. I like it as a nn for Scarlett:)

SunKissedChild Says:


Scout would an awesome nickname for Scarlett! :)

kitchi1 Says:


The first time I heard this, I loved it. And I still do. Super cute. It would be pretty awesome as a nickname for Scarlett, yeah?

raevynstar Says:


Is it odd that I like this, Atticus and Jem without ever reading To Kill A Mockingbird? :)