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Gender: M Meaning of Ross: "upland, peninsula" Origin of Ross: Scottish

Like Friends, Ross is off the air and into syndication

Ross originated as the surname of a famous Scottish clan, and is a place name in that country as well. It's a quiet, understated Celtic name that could come back in the current climate of single-syllable boy name popularity.

Other notable Rosses besides the Ross Geller character include tycoon and maverick presidential candidate H. (for Henry) Ross Perot, mystery writer Ross (born Kenneth) Macdonald, and one of the twin sons of Jane Pauley and Garry Trudeau.

Famous People Named Ross

Ross Farrelly, lead singer of Irish band The Strypes.
Rostom Sipan "Ross" Bagdasarian Sr aka David Seville, American musician, creator of Alvin and the Chipmunks.
Ross James Kemp, English actor and journalist.
Ross Ventrone, American NFL football player.
Ross Weaver, American NFL football player.
Ross Dean Browner, American NFL football player.
Ross Dan Hutchins, English tennis player.
Ross Robert Barnett, U.S. politician; governor of Mississippi.
Ross Andrew Wilson, Australian musician.
Ross Bass, U.S. Congressman and Postmaster from Tennessee.
(Henry) Ross Perot, American businessman and politician.
Ross MacDonald, British bassist for the band The 1975.
Ross Alexander Collins, U.S. Congressman from Mississippi.
Ross Shor Lynch, American actor/singer.
Ross Hull, Canadian actor.
Ross Copperman, American songwriter.
Ross Aaron Malinger, American actor.
Albert Rostron "Ross" Parker, English songwriter.
Ross Naess, son of singer Diana Ross and Arne Naess.
Ross Markham Noble, English comedian.
Ross Rebagliati , Canadian Olympic snowboarder.
Ross McCall, Scottish actor.
Ross Alexander (born Alexander Ross Smith), American actor.
Ross "The Intern" Mathews, American comedian and TV personality.
Ronald Ross, British physician and Nobel Prize winner.
Jensen Ross Ackles, American actor.
Ross Fleming Butler, American actor.
Ross Botsford aka YourPalRoss, American YouTuber.
Ross Hornby, British YouTuber, member of HATfilms.
Ross Butler, American actor.

Pop Culture References for the name Ross

Ross Eustace Geller, a main character on TV's "Friends"
John Ross Ewing I, II, and III, characters on TV's "Dallas"
Ross, character in Shakespeare's "Macbeth"
Ross O'Carroll-Kelly, character in novels by Paul Howard
Ross Poldark, main character in The Poldark Novels series, which has been two TV series, in the 1970s and a new version currently airing its 3rd series
Ross Lane, character on TV's "The Patty Duke Show"

Rosse, Rossie, Rossi, Rossell, Rossy