Gender: Female Meaning of Pippa: "lover of horses" Origin of Pippa: English, diminutive of Philippa

Pippa Origin and Meaning

The name Pippa is a girl's name of English, Italian origin meaning "lover of horses".

Pippa, a peppy condensation of Philippa that turns it from serious to sprightly, has come into the public eye in a big way via the former Kate Middleton's sister.

Heard far more in the U.K. than the US, Pippa has been used on its own since the nineteenth century, popularized by Robert Browning's dramatic poem, Pippa Passes. A recent book and film was titled The Private Lives of Pippa Lee.

Pippa can and is given as a name in its own right, and may also be short for names other than Philippa: Penelope, for instance, or Patricia, or the more exotic Philippine.

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tiziasempronia131 Says:


Sei una pippa -> You suck, You're a jerk
Che pippa mentale -> What a mindfuck
Farsi una pippata -> To have some coke
Farsi una pippa -> Jerk off/ beating off
I can keep going if you like

penelope_lynson Says:


I try to love Pippa, but I can't.

Annaaaa Says:


My dogs name

RoseFlower Says:


I think this is a really cute name. I want to use it as a middle name for my little girl Ashton Pippa Hart. Ashie for short. I think it sounds beautiful!

fromtheocean12 Says:


I actually love Pippa as a nickname for Penelope or Philippa, it's so sweet and adorable.

isolemnlysweariamuptodrarry Says:


I like the name and vaguely know a little girl named Pippa but I was quite surprised to hear it at a climbing centre recently!

Leonina Says:


I agree. and it has an unfortunate meaning in some languages.

can90 Says:



can90 Says:


Not hate, just opinions....

can90 Says:


I agree, it has a bit of silliness to the sound. Reminds me of Pippi Longstocking. It seems ok for a short nickname to Philippa, but on its own, it just doesn't strike me as an actual name.

NameLover 11 Says:


I love it!!!!! It could also be a cute nn for Penelope

PipChip Says:


We are American and named our daughter Philippa/Pippa six years ago and I love it! My only regret is that she happened to be born eleven days before the royal wedding when Pippa Middleton's derrière splashed onto the scene. For about the first six months of my daughter's life we had to hear from strangers, "Oh you named her after the princess!" Um no, Pippa isn't the princess and we had no idea who she was when our daughter was born. *eyeroll* Thankfully Pippa Middleton faded away and now we just get positive comments on her name with no mentions of Middleton. ;)

emaadee Says:


I named my daughter Pippa. I had a positive association with this name because I met a woman (American) when I was 18 named Pippa (that was in the late 1990s, for context). She was funny, bitingly smart, kind, artistic...and then, she became a doctor, which was sort of unexpected as she didn't do any science as an undergrad...but she was smart, curious, and full of life. Although I only knew this woman for a short time, I named my daughter Pippa just because I have always associated this name with great energy, fun, and zeal for life because of that woman. Then, Kate MIddleton's sister came into the U.S. public eye with the royal wedding. I thought more people would associate my daughter's name with the princess's sister. I think one person has commented on Pippa Middleton in association with my daughter...and that was within a year of the actual wedding. Use it and enjoy it if you like it!

paulapuddephatt Says:


Philly is quite cute, but it does make me think of the full name Phyllis, rather than Phillipa, for some reason. I am in England myself, and I have to say that Americans use some nicknames that I find weird too, such as Birdie. Like, hello??? Pippa is better than that. Or Chuck, as a nickname for Charles. Then again, we have Chas for that...!!! Stick to Charlie, right???

paulapuddephatt Says:


I think Pippa is cute. It can work as an independent name, but I prefer it as a nickname for Phillipa, which is lovely.

MatyldaJonas Says:


Pipa is a word for a clumsy person and also sometimes for vagina (rude) in Polish.

gummybear0724 Says:



actingfun Says:


I've loved this name ever since I heard the cast of Hamilton call Phillipa Soo "Pippa." I love Phillipa Soo, so it's a great association.

EW314 Says:


Wow, lots of hate for Pippa! I'm really surprised.

This has been a popular-ish name in the UK for a few years now - looking at the stats, it really began climbing around 2010, so before the royal wedding brought the name Pippa to the attention of people outside the UK. Plus the name Philippa and its variant spellings have been pretty popular for years, so there have always been a fair few Pippas around. Philippa is actually falling in popularity now, possibly as parents are finding it more acceptable to skip the stodgier formal name and just use Pippa for their daughters.

I personally find it light, bright and zippy. It's cute on a child but I also know several adult Pippas, and it suits them as well. The only downside of the name for me is that I like to travel, and Pippa apparently sounds like a rude word in several languages (check it out on behindthename).

kitchi1 Says:


Americans and Englishmen should stop competing with one another. There isn't anything to fight about - we were once all the same. Technically, still are, unless you are a Native American.

MonaBerry Says:


You're one to talk, when Americans have taken lots of perfectly logical names for things invented in Britain, by British people, like football - a sport where you use your feet to kick a ball - and changed them to things that make no sense, like soccer.

Caggie is not a nickname for anything, and Binky would have been a semi-mocking nickname given to a boy at public schools like Eton and Harrow based on his surname or title that would have carried through into adult life, especially in the 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th century.

People who use Binky as an actual name today are stupid chavs trying to sound posh, but given that there are Americans calling their kids River and the like, you still can't say anything.

scblovesnames Says:


I don't really like Pippa, then again I also am not a fan of Philippa as a name. I don't know why. Thinking of all my other name favorites I should like this one, but I don't. I'm trying to think of a reason, but I think reason enough is that I don't. Nothing against Philippa Middleton, and her nickname Pippa, but just not my choice. I think the name works on her.

scblovesnames Says:


I'm not a fan either.

Catastroffy Says:


I find it quite insulting to hear people talking about the upper crust Brits this and the upper crust Brits that...

Zoey_Artemisia Says:


I'm surprised this in the top 100 in Australia.

Caroline Says:



Guest Says:


I would actually prefer to call a Phillippa "Philly". Pippa sounds more fit for a pet. Pippa Middleton wears it well though. It seems like upper crust Brits use the dumbest nicknames though, like Caggie or Binky.

jordalini Says:


I actually really quite like this name, I think it's fun and cute. I am just really disappointed it took family of a royal to be able to expose this name to America :( I think it feels fresh, and that it is fun to say, and also really like how it looks

Guest Says:


This sounds like spitting hair out of your mouth.

George Says:


Pretentious and silly.

Guest Says:


This is my exes name and she's a pretentious snob.

clairels Says:


I used to think it was OK, but any American who uses it now is basically advertising "look how sophisticated I am, just like the royals!" Ick.

Orchid_Lover Says:


It has always struck me as looking and sounding silly too. Not very substantial, too may p's. I know about Pippa Middleton but it still looks like a great name for a terrier to me. Definitely don't see it crossing the pond.

Whirligig Says:


Why? I think it is quite pretty and has good associations with Pippa Middleton.

Alicia1 Says:


Agreed, silly name!

theREALellendegenerusofficialw Says:


this is a silly name