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Gender: M Meaning of Paolo: "small" Origin of Paolo: Italian, variation of Paul

Paolo is an irresistibly lush name, worlds more romantic than its spare English equivalent.

Among noted bearers of the name are Renaissance painters Uccello and Veronese, architect Soleri, and whole teams of Italian soccer players — or so it seems.

Another possibility is the Spanish version of Paul: Pablo, as in Picasso and Casals.

Famous People Named Paolo

Paolo Giovanni Nutini, Scottish singer-songwriter
Paolo Cesare Maldini, Italian footballer
Paolo Picasso, son of Pablo Picasso
Paolo Lorenzi, Italian tennis player
Paolo Taviani, Italian film director and screenwriter
Paolo Canè, Italian tennis player
Paolo Rossi, Italian tennis player
Paolo Di Canio, Italian footballer and manager
Paolo Veronese, Italian Renaissance painter
Paolo Sorrentino, Italian film director and screenwriter
Paolo Uccello, Italian Renaissance painter
Paolo Soleri, Italian architect

Pop Culture References for the name Paolo

Paolo Poloverdo, character in the book "The Killer's Tears" by Anne-Laure Bondoux