English surname
"Cenel's island"

Kelsey Origin and Meaning

The name Kelsey is a girl's name of English origin meaning "Cenel's island".

Yesterday's hottie, today's mom name. It derives from several English place names and may mean "Cenel's island", from the Old English name Cenel "fierce".

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Kelsey Popularity

Famous People Named Kelsey

  • Kelsey Asbill ChowAmerican actress
  • Kelsey KeelAmerican actress
  • Kelsey PlumAmerican basketball player
  • Kelsey Lynn BatelaanAmerican actress
  • Kelsey Michelle GriffinAmerican basketball player
  • Kelsey Renée BoneAmerican basketball player
  • Kelsey MulrooneyAmerican actress
  • Kelsey FowlerAmerican actress
  • Kelsey Laine DavisAmerican soccer player
  • Kelsey CardAmerican discus thrower
  • KelseyBeth Crossley, English actress
  • Kelsey Bahiyyih BulkinAmerican pop singer
  • Kelsey NixonAmerican TV chef
  • Kelsey Elizabeth GriswoldAmerican beauty queen; Miss Oklahoma 2013
  • Kelsey MartinovichAustralian model
  • Kelsey CalemineInstagram influencer (@fatherkels)
  • Kelsey ScottAmerican YouTube vlogger
  • Kelsey WakefieldAustralian water polo player
  • Kelsey Lee Clarke (b. 2015)daughter of Michael and Kyly Clarke

Kelsey in Pop Culture

  • 'Kelsey" song by Metro Station
  • Kelsey Hayescharacter in the Tiger's Curse series by Colleen Houck
  • Kelsey Petersplayed by Hillary Duff on "Younger"