"with strong eyesight"

Osiris Origin and Meaning

The name Osiris is a boy's name of Egyptian origin meaning "with strong eyesight".
Osiris is the name of Egyptian mythology god-king who died and was reborn every year. Emerging from centuries of obscurity, Osiris has several ingredients for success in the modern world: Roots in ancient myth, an uplifting meaning, an s ending and the cute nickname Os or Oz.
# 910 in the US

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Famous People Named Osiris

  • Osiris EldridgeAmerican basketball player
  • Osiris MatosDominican baseball relief pitcher
  • Osiris RodrĂ­guez CastillosUruguayan writer, poet, composer and singer

Osiris in Pop Culture

  • Osirisancient Egyptian god,king of the underworld and rebirth
  • Osiristhree different characters in DC Comics, based on the god
  • Osirischaracter in Marvel comics, based on the god
  • Osirischaracter on TV's Stargate SG,1
  • Osirischaracter in the Sims Freeplay
  • Lincoln Osirisfictional character in 2008 film 'Tropic Thunder'

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