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Gender: Male Meaning of Osiris: "with strong eyesight" Origin of Osiris: Egyptian

The name Osiris is a boy's name of Egyptian origin meaning "with strong eyesight". Osiris and is often added to lists like Unique Boy Names: Unusual and Rare and discussed in our forums with posts like "Chance Baby Name Game".

From the experts:

Osiris is the name of Egyptian mythology god-king who died and was reborn every year. Emerging from centuries of obscurity, Osiris has several ingredients for success in the modern world: Roots in ancient myth, an uplifting meaning, an s ending and the cute nickname Os or Oz.

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Famous People Named Osiris

Osiris Eldridge, American basketball player
Osiris Matos, Dominican baseball relief pitcher
Osiris Rodríguez Castillos, Uruguayan writer, poet, composer and singer

Pop Culture References for the name Osiris

Osiris, ancient Egyptian god-king of the underworld and rebirth
Osiris, three different characters in DC Comics, based on the god
Osiris, character in Marvel comics, based on the god
Osiris, character on TV's Stargate SG-1
Osiris, character in the Sims Freeplay
Lincoln Osiris, fictional character in 2008 film 'Tropic Thunder'


truenature Says:


We chose Osiris for our son. Love the sound of it and the rebirth connotations especially for a baby born in spring time / around Easter. When people hear his name they immediately ask what we named his sisters.

Osiris Says:


My name is Osiris and I am a female. I've only met one guy with my name and about 3 girls. My parents first heard of the name from a woman. We pronounce it like o-see-dees, where the r is like a D because we say it in Spanish. I love my name but I hate when people ask what it means. Lol

Essa Says:


I love this name. I really like Cyrus but that simple O adds so much depth. Not too sure about the Egyptian god link though.

RoddyThlayli Says:


This is like Thanatos, Anubis and Hades--too godly and too death associated.

eveyalecia Says:


Also a symbol of rebirth. Sort of a circle-of-life feel. Not all bad. :)

mabespark Says:


He was the god of the dead. Not sure if that's an image I would want for a little boy. :)